Quick buying guide for home tanning beds

Quick buying guide for home tanning beds

To own glowing skin all year round from the privacy of your home, home tanning beds for sale are your right choice. And what’s more, you get healthier bones and host of other benefits by using a tanning bed.

Things to consider when buying a tanning bed:

Space: Besides your budget, one of the first things you need to consider is the place where you are planning to keep your tanning bed. You should select a size and design, depending on the amount of space you have. Canopy beds and tanning booths, typically, occupy less space.

Exterior shell: A major component of the cost of your tanning bed is the price of the top and bottom acrylics. They are also the most expensive parts to replace. You should consider the quality and thickness of the acrylic to ensure that it can support the weight of the tanner and intensity of the UV lights. Additionally, if the acrylic is not 100% transparent, it will waste precious power by reflecting some of the light.

Tanning bulbs: Ensure that your tanning bed uses only FDA approved UVA and UVB bulbs required to stimulate the tanning process. Bulbs emitting UVC radiation are not approved by FDA and ideally, should not be used in your tanning bed.

Features: The basic models have all essential features, but as you push your budget, you can have more fancy features like digital timers and shorter tanning times. A word of caution here there is no point overshooting your budget for a few additional features, which you may not use at all. However, there are some really useful features including:

Face & Arm enhancers: Many beds feature pink lamps. These lamps enable even tanning in arms and face, which are often the most difficult to tan. They increase the UVA output to deliver more power to achieve the desired color in the target areas.

Red light therapy: The visible red light is completely safe and can boost collagen production for younger looking skin. It also helps in fighting acne.

Safety requirements: You should ensure that the product is FDA approved and follows the guideline of FDA to provide you with a safer tan. It should provide adequate protection from UVA and UVB radiation.

Electrical requirements: You should check the electrical wiring required for the tanning bed and ensure that you make the necessary changes before installation. If there is a problem of voltage fluctuation in your area, you may require buck boosters for your tanning bed.

Brands: As with all electronic appliances, it is best to stick to known brands that offer quality and warranty on their product.

The important point here is to carefully consider each aspect of the home tanning bed before you bring it home. Go through the manual and clear your doubts on online forums to make a better choice.