Prime Aspects to Look out for While Buying Over-the-range Microwaves

Prime Aspects to Look out for While Buying Over-the-range Microwaves

Over-the-range microwaves are generally installed over the cooktop, in the position of the range hood. Similar to the functions of a counter-top, the over-the-range microwaves have the potential to get rid of smoke and steam. Additionally, the cooking odors are eliminated as it comes with an efficient inbuilt ventilation system.

Things to keep in mind while buying over-the-range microwaves
If you have decided to buy over-the-range microwaves, then you should consider the following factors:

  • The inbuilt light can brighten the cooking surface, helping you see how the food is being prepared from the outside.
  • You need to look closely at the venting features. The external venting feature can eliminate any smoke.
  • The energy consumption matters and keeping it in mind, these heating and cooking machines come with a different range of wattage capacity. It is generally seen that they are over 800 watts.
  • 0.8 to over 2.0 cubic feet can be general sizes of over-the-range microwaves.
  • You can go with the over-the-range microwaves that have sensor cooks to get an easy option for reheating food. Additionally, the convection feature is a must for enhancing cooking skills.

Best Products of All-Time
Over-the-range microwaves have become the best friends of people because not only for the purpose of reheating, but it can help you with cooking too. If you are buying it for the first time, here are some popular products that you can glance through.

Kenmore Elite 8073
One of the popular over-the-range microwaves in the county, this offers the highest wattage. Therefore, cooking food in a jiffy is not a problem. The sensor cooking along with the preset feature helps it to stand out from other models. Additionally, there are eight presets that provide a super-easy way of cooking. Through the sensor cooking, the humidity is detected and even the heat can be adjusted according to its need.

  • Advantages: Not every over-the-range microwave comes with the both preset and humidity options. Additionally, the range hood can move 400 cubic feet air in sixty seconds. The convection feature lets you bake cakes and brownies in the easiest way possible.
  • Disadvantages: The cooktop light settings are not bright enough, and as per the size, it is not even that big. There are many microwaves that have better power levels than this. Moreover, the price may be little higher than other similar products.

Samsung ME21F07MJT
If you are looking for a microwave with large capacity, then this can be the ideal option for you. Cooking even four pounds of chicken is not a problem if you go with this microwave. The sensor cooking and easy reheating process of leftovers are other prime features of the product.

  • Advantages: This product is great for preparing a large family meal. Additionally, the long warranty period can reduce your stress levels. For enhancing the cooking experience, the wide range of controls and bottoms are great additions.
  • Disadvantages: This kitchen appliance does not have a convection mode which lets you bake. The lack of a delay-start option can be another drawback for users. Moreover, as the color is counted a big factor for consumer buying behavior, the only black option can de-motivate people from buying this product.

Hence, it can be discerned that when you are buying an over-the-range microwave, there are certain factors that can motivate you. Cabinet or counter space is one of the prime features that everyone should pay special attention to get the best model. Apart from the sensor cooking, heating options, convection mode; look out whether is any dent or scratch on the model. Moreover, compare the online deals with the offline stores as this can let you get the best appliance at the lowest cost.