Prevention of Smelly Flatulence

Prevention of Smelly Flatulence

Flatulence or farts is a biological process by which the gas gets released from digestion. In some cases, farts are silent and odorless. However, there are occasions where they become loud and also smell very bad. Smelly farts are considered normal by many. There are some foods or medications that might really cause smelly farts. Furthermore, a foul smell of your farts sometimes works as an indicator of an underlying infection or digestive disorder issue. Let’s see some of the reasons for smelly farts. Knowing the reasons will help to find out how to stop smelly flatulence.

High-fiber foods
When you consume high-fiber foods, it takes longer for your digestive system to break down the food and that is when they become fermented over time. If you are wondering how to stop smelly flatulence, then you should avoid eating the following vegetables:

  • Bok choy
  • Asparagus
  • Cabbage
  • Broccoli

Food intolerance
If you are sensitive towards certain foods, then having them may result in you having foul-smelling farts. For instance, people suffering from lactose intolerance will not be able to break down the carbohydrate lactose. Because of that, the food will get fermented in your intestine.

There are some medications that cause smelly farts. Antibiotics kill pathogens that are harmful to your body and in doing so, they also kill some of the good pathogens as well. If you are wondering how to stop smelly flatulence, then you should understand that without these good pathogens, your farts will have a foul smell.

Prevention of smelly farts
Before knowing how to stop smelly flatulence, one thing you should know is that farts are normal and are also necessary to eliminate waste and gas out of the body. Here are some of the things you can do in order to stop smelly farts:

  • Drink more water to eliminate the waste from your body more efficiently.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks such as beer and soda as they can create gas.
  • Eat in smaller portions and at a slower pace to maintain healthy digestion and reduce gas generation.
  • Try to include probiotic foods such as yogurt as these foods bring back healthy bacteria and improve the digestive system.
  • Always avoid foods that play a key role in producing smelly gas.