Popular video games of all times

Popular video games of all times

Whether you are a die-hard gamer or indulge in video games for killing time, believe it or not, video games have become a part and parcel of our lives. For some, these are one of the ways of escaping the reality and finding peace with the virtual world and for others, this might be a way of life. Here are some of the popular video games of all times that have made a separate place in our lives, at some point or other.

Super Mario Bros.
It was in the year 1985 when the Nintendo Entertainment System entered every house of the American living with one of the most popular video games till date, the Super Mario Bros. No matter, how childish this might look like, but every one of us will agree that this video game is insanely fun to play for gamers of all ages. The non-stop running, stomping, lobbying the fireballs, and falling in hidden tunnels made this video game the talk of every household.

Ms. Pac Man
This 1982 game was earlier known as Crazy Otto and was initially seen a knockoff of the 1980’s Pac-Man. But as time passed, it was seen that the Ms. Pac Man got better and more moves than the older version. The game features four mazes, which was absent in the Pac-Man series, a series of smaller ghosts, and a large number of fruit bonuses.

Call of duty
Having said about the NES, there are some of the popular games which were a big hit on PC as well. Call of Duty, which was formerly released on PC but then was extended to gaming consoles and Smartphones. The entire game setting is based on the World War II through the Cold War and even future instances. Newer technologies and innovations are ongoing assets of the video game industry. Some of the popular and most recent series of games in Call of Duty include Infinite Warfare Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, to name a few. You can always search for newer games online and look for the ones that seem interesting to you.

Released in the year 2000, Counter-strike is a first-person shooter video game. The game comes with two versions called as Half Life and Condition Zero. This video game has developed its own community that includes script writers and mod creators. The game has different objectives such as disabling bombs, hostage rescue, and assassination.