Popular small breed dogs who make great companions

Popular small breed dogs who make great companions

Love dogs and planning to get one? If you live in a small apartment, it is a better idea to go for small dogs. These lap dogs don’t need much space to play around. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have high energy levels like the big dogs. Whether you’re getting a small breed or a big breed dog, make sure you take it out for a walk every day. All dog breeds need sufficient exercise as a lack of physical activities will make them overweight and depressed.

Small dogs are preferred by people who live in small apartments. They are also very adorable and cuddly. You can get these dogs at a small dogs sale too. Here are some of the most popular small breed dogs that you can opt for if you are looking for a companion:

Small and ferocious, Pekingese make great companions. They are very cute and have the skills of watchdogs. However, they aren’t very friendly and so isn’t a good choice if you already have a pet. They are also high on maintenance and require regular grooming. You’ll find these cute little furballs on sites like PuppyFind or JustLuvEmPekingese; these small dog sales prices start from $400.

Dachshunds make excellent watchdogs and are loved for their playful nature. They are extremely attached to their families but can be aggressive to strangers. They are always very curious and love adventures. So don’t be surprised if you catch yours digging the garden or chasing birds. Websites like Downhomedachshunds, PuppyFind and ilovedachshundsshop have dachshunds for sale at prices starting from $300.

Shih Tzu
Ideal for families with children, Shih Tzus are loved for their adorable looks and friendly nature. They get along with everyone and make great pets. Shih Tzus require daily grooming, so keep that in mind when getting one. Cute little Shih Tzu puppies can be brought at TeaCupPuppiesStore or PuppyFind for prices starting at $2000.

Lhasa Apso
A very common small breed of dog, Lhasa Apsos have been making great pets for centuries. They consider themselves as large dogs and approach life in the same way. They look adorable with their fur-covered faces. Lhasas make great watchdogs and are a great choice for all kinds of families. PuppyFind and DogSpot have Lhasa Apso pups for sale, at prices starting from $850.

Maltese look adorable and are the ones you see on TV with ponytails. They are described as small, gentle, and fearless dogs. They are usually good with kids. MyMaltese and PupplyFind is your best option to purchase these furry companions. They are available at $900 onward.

Boston Terrier
A great family pet, Boston terriers are well-natured dogs. They get along with everyone including cats and other pets. This small dog breed is loved by all dog lovers around the world. LancasterPuppies, PuppyFind and TeaCupPuppiesStore sell Boston Terriers at $1200 onward.

This list is incomplete without the mention of this fluff ball. Always lively and active, Pomeranians make great pets and are always curious. They are intelligent and can be your ideal companion. PuppyFind and PomLoves are some great websites to shop for Pomeranians online, and the price range starts from $1000. These are some of the popular small dogs. As you can see, you can get a good deal by checking out one of the small dog sales we’ve talked about. As dog lovers, you can also consider adopting puppies or full-grown dogs who have been abandoned as they are in need of a loving home.