Popular shapes of lamp shades

Popular shapes of lamp shades

Lamps have emerged as the most popular home dcor objects. They lighten up the spaces and also enhance the visual appeal of the room. Lamps have two parts base and shade. Lamp shades are available in different types and shapes. You can change the lamp shade to change the overall aesthetics of the rooms.

Here are some of the popular lampshades shapes you can consider to buy:

  • Drum-shaped lamp shades
    The drum-shaped lamp shades are wide and resemble a musical drum. It has vertical sides which allow the light to pass through the top and bottom parts of the drum. You can use the drum-shaped lamp shades with pendant light fixtures, floor lamps, and table lamps. If you want a contemporary look in your rooms, the drum lamp shades are the best choice. It projects a broad light improving the visual clarity.
  • Cylinder-shaped lamp shades
    The cylinder lamp shades are taller and have straight vertical sides. They project equal amounts of light in upper and downward directions. The light doesn’t spread outwards which results in a large reflection of ambient light. The cylinder lamp shades are suitable for floor and tall lamp bases. They increase the intensity of the light output.
  • Empire lamp shades
    The empire lampshades are ideal for table and floor lamps. They create the perfect balance between the visual dimensions and the slanted sides. The top part of the lampshade expels out heat while the bottom parts cause ample light to flare out.
  • Floor lamp shades
    The floor lamps have extra heights. Therefore you must have a larger lamp shade for the floor lamp. The light is distributed through the bottom which causes the light to spread over large area. The top portion of the floor lamps is narrow which restricts the amount of light coming out from the top. You can use the floor lamp shades near the seating areas and functional spaces.
  • Bell lamp shade
    The bell lamp shade is ideal for table lamps with curved bases. It has elegant shape. The lampshades cast a shape which is similar to that of a bell. Heat escapes from the top while the bottom part disperses light in outer directions for maximum coverage.
  • Coolie lamp shade
    The coolie lamp shade has a broad bottom and narrow top. It disperses a large amount of light. The coolie lamp shades are flat and have slated sides. You can use it for reading purposes and other tasks when you need high illumination. It spreads the light into wide areas thus lighting up the complete space.

If you don’t want to buy lamp shades, then you can choose to buy best chandeliers at good chandelier prices. Keep in mind the above shapes when you want to buy lamp shades depending on your need and budget.

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