Popular ranges of Sony game consoles

Popular ranges of Sony game consoles

PlayStation, also known as Sony game consoles which are launched by Sony, is a popular gaming brand. It comprises four home game consoles, a media focus, an online administration, two handhelds along with a telephone, and various magazines. These gaming consoles, which are also releasing PlayStation 4 limited edition consoles, are manufactured by Sony Interactive Entertainment that is headquartered in Japan.

The PlayStation and the PlayStation 4 limited edition range have undergone various modifications since its inception and likewise, modified versions have been launched since then. Various ranges of consoles and other hardware devices launched in the past years can be listed as follows.

Home Game Consoles
PlayStation 1
It is the first console of the PlayStation series that comprised of portable gaming systems.
PlayStation 2 It is the modified version and successor of the original PlayStation version. The slimmer model is eye-catching and has recorded an overwhelming sale figure from its launch.
PlayStation 3 This seventh generation gaming console was first launched in the North American continent in the year 2006. Disc player with Blue Ray feature along with the high-resolution feature was launched for the first time with this console.
PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4 Slim was launched in September 2016. It is a modification of the first PS4 equipment with a streamlined factor. The new packaging is smaller and conveys an adjusted body with a matte finish. The appearance is not only attractive but also provides a secure hold.
Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is has been recently launched and is a rationalized version with higher CPU versions and enhanced resolution capacity. Almost all the games are forward and backward compatible.

Sony PlayStation 4 Vita Slim
Sony launched the PlayStation Vita Slim in the US on May 6, 2015. The adaptation of the PlayStation handheld has been accessible in Japan since the finish of a year ago and in the UK from February 7, 2016. Presently it’s accessible for gamers stateside as well. Much has been made of the Sony PlayStation Vita Slim’s capacity that makes it a remote play gadget for the PlayStation 4. Effortlessly, you can play and be a part of the PlayStation Vita amusements, watch films, and play your heart out. Simultaneously, you can keep on playing PlayStation 4 diversions on its screen when the principle TV is turned off or being utilized by another person as well.

PlayStation’s Enhanced Look
The PlayStation 4 range has launched the new and stylish PlayStation4 Glacier White console that has includes the capacity of PlayStation 4 500GB along with a wireless controller. Apart from the above-mentioned popular versions, the latest PlayStation VR enables all the other versions of the PlayStation series to be played with it.

These and many other PlayStation 4 limited edition consoles have redefined the future of gaming.