Popular Liquid Laundry Detergents You Can Buy

Popular Liquid Laundry Detergents You Can Buy

Keeping your clothes clean is as important as keeping yourself clean and the primary help in this process comes from laundry detergents. Thanks to the existence of washing machines that have made our busy lives easier. But nowadays, laundry detergents have evolved to do much more than just cleaning your clothes. The latest brands provide a mix of chemicals which not only clean your clothing but only leaves it smelling good and dirt repellant. And at the same time, a good laundry detergent won’t damage your clothing no matter how fine it is. Detergents come in both powder and liquid form and in this article, we will discuss some of the top liquid laundry detergents you can buy.

Tide Ultra Stain Release

This is an excellent laundry detergent which serves both the primary function of cleaning and also removing any bad odor. This is a smell free detergent so you don’t have to worry about any leftover chemical smell. This liquid laundry detergent is available for approximately $13 dollars at any Target store near you but in case you don’t find it, it is still available online at the exact same price. The Tide Ultra Stain Release is the best at removing tough stains and is also harmless to your clothes.

Tide Plus Bleach Alternative

This liquid laundry detergent is the perfect choice for removing household stains such as coffee, lipstick, food, etc. While removing strong odors may take time, this detergent is itself scented and leaves your clothes fresh smelling. The Tide Plus Bleach Alternative is available for approximately $13 at almost any supermarket. The availability of this liquid laundry detergent is more than the Ultra Stain Release.

Method 4x Concentrated

If you are careful about leaving your clothes free of chemicals, this is the best choice you can have. The Method 4x Concentrated is completely made from natural ingredients and is the best green liquid laundry detergent available. It is quite efficient at removing most stains such as food stains or stains from drinks but this is not to be used for harsher stains such as blood. This detergent should be available for around $13 at any supermarket near you and it is also not tested on animals.

Kirkland Ultra Clean Liquid

If you are looking to stock up and cut down on your household expenditure, this is one of the cheapest yet strong detergents you can get. The Kirkland Ultra Clean Liquid detergent is also good at removing odors and works well with hard stains. Manufactured by Costco, this is also one of the cheapest liquid laundry detergents you can get it at around 13 cents per load. Although this is quite available, you can also buy it online and in large quantities as well.

Tide Plus Febreze Sport

This is an excellent pick as a liquid laundry detergent not only because it can fight tough stains but also because it comes with an amazing fragrance. The Tide Plus Febreze Sport works well with grease stains and long-term stains such as sweat. But the best aspect of this detergent is its ability to remove smells. No matter how stinky your laundry is, you can depend on this detergent to take care of it. This detergent comes at the price of around $14 per bottle and is easily available in any supermarket near you.

These are some of our top picks for the best liquid laundry detergents you can get. However, there are many more great brands out there so make sure to go through some of them before you make your pick. The things you want to look out for are sensitivity to clothes and ability to remove harsh stains. Scented detergents can be bought as a personal choice but there are some great ones out there. However, scented detergents work exactly the same way as non-scented ones so that should not be a factor.