Popular interior paint colors that will make you happy

Popular interior paint colors that will make you happy

The colors in our homes can have a tremendous impact on our moods – more so, the paint colors. The shades of your walls have been shown to affect your emotions. Example: There are certain shades that will relax you, some bring you down and some makes you super active. Here are some interesting paint shades that you can try for the interiors of your home.

Yellow always stands for happiness. The shade has a subtle, luminous quality that feels like the warm rays of the sun (not in a piercing way but in a good way. The color does awaken the five senses. This shade is indeed a natural source of positive energy and sparks feelings of joy. Don’t we all give out a loud laugh whenever we see something quirky especially if it is yellow in color?

Sky blue
Sky blue stands for renewal’. Ideal for bedrooms, this shade instantly relaxes you and helps to restore those natural rhythms. The shade is also known to strengthen relationships and give a sense of renewal for relationships that have been shaky. Get a shade of sky blue to bring in the restorative qualities of your bedroom.

Violet Black
It does appear dark, but there are this striking streaks of violet that gives the illusion of a far galaxy. Keeps you to the reality isn’t it? This shade is great if you have a room where you would like to focus on and reflect. Creative minds often have a corner in their studio/homes to unwind and recharge themselves. This shade could just be the right one for you!

Yellow green
This shade stands for optimism. It’s fresh got yellow in it and green too! What more do you want? You just feel energized by looking at the wall. Stack a couple of plants close to the wall and you will feel positivity brimming all over you.

Siver sage
Standing for balance, this perfect blend of sage green and silvery gray provides balance and harmony. It also looks luxurious enough and perfectly matches with households who believe less is more’ – for the shade by itself is a piece of art.

Sometimes it is worth skipping the interior decoration project of your home and just try your hand at painting the wall using different shades. Get your favorite hues for every space, shade and season. Hit the music and start painting em!