Popular Gas and Charcoal Grills for Outdoor Cooking

Popular Gas and Charcoal Grills for Outdoor Cooking

The grilling machines are the cooking equipment that is used to grill food ingredients to make delicious items. If you have any of these machines, you can make spiral hot dogs, BLT burgers, grilled pizza bread, jerk chicken, Asian BBQ salmon and other hundreds of dishes like a pro. However, you need to keep in mind that there are several types of machines that run on charcoal, electricity or gas.

What is a gas grill?
The gas or barbecue grill is cooking equipment that requires the application of heat from below of the food item. Mainly running on butane liquefied petroleum gas or propane gas; the machines are available in various ranges, shapes, and sizes. You can switch to natural gas or petroleum liquefied gas any time you like; however, for that, the option needs to be compatible with the grilling machine. Many of the devices only run on one gas.

Flat top grills and infrared grills are two of the popular varieties of the gas grill that has been becoming popular among all the grill and outdoor cooking lovers.

Expert grill 4-burner gas grill
One of the professional grilling machines available in the market is the Expert grill 4-burner gas grill that can entertain everyone whether it a little backward party or a Sunday lunch. You can grill maximum 27 burgers on a single go which may be sufficient for your Saturday barbeque nights. In addition to the context, it comes with 468 square inches of cooking space. If you buy this one, you can avail several remarkable features.

  • You get two shelves on either side of grilling machine.
  • The control panel is made of stainless steel and there is a bottle opener.
  • The procedure of turning on and off the ignition is simple and easy-to-use.
  • The end caps are powder-coated along with stainless steel.

What does a charcoal grill offer?
Using a natural chunk of charcoals or charcoal briquettes, the task of grilling is executed in this type of grill. The burnt charcoal radiates heat into the food that smoky charcoal flavor in the dish. The high heat production, smoky flavor and the use of natural ingredients influence people to use this method of grilling more. There are various shapes of charcoal grill available including rectangular, square, and round.

Moreover, few of the machines require you to use the lid made of stainless steel while cooking. However, use of lid is mandatory on every machine. The commonly found variations of the charcoal grills are,

  • Pellet grill
  • Square charcoal
  • Kettle
  • Barrel
  • Tandoor oven
  • Ceramic cooker
  • Brazier
  • Cart
  • Shichirin
  • Portable backpack grills

Kingsford 24” charcoal grill
People who do not believe in the technology of gas grill can think of buying a charcoal grill that can cater to your every need of the BBQ party. The long-lasting and durable nature of the grilling machine can help the users to try any of the grill recipes in an efficient manner. It provides a stainless steel and foldable table to continue the grilling process without suffering too much. However, the other specifications that make the product to stand out in the crowd are,

  • You can assemble the machine using your own hands and the manual guide makes the task easier for you.
  • Apart from usual tear and wear, the warranty covers severe damage of the product.
  • The primary cooking area takes up 360 square inches and the secondary one occupies 205 square inches.
  • There are two wheels attached to the machine to offer the convenience of easy transportation.
  • Tool hooks along with foldable side tables enhance the functionality of the product.

While using any of these machines, you need to keep in mind that maintenance is the key to make great food. You need to follow the user manual thoroughly to understand what kind of the food ingredients can be cooked and whether the product is aligned with the food safety rules and regulations. Moreover, if you follow the instructions thoroughly, you can never face any adverse situation while grilling.