Popular Bulk Variants of K-Cups

Popular Bulk Variants of K-Cups

Coffee is a favorite drink among millions in the world. The need to get an instant coffee to energize our bodies has led to the inventions of various coffee pods. The one that has become very famous among both home users and corporate offices is the K-Cup pods. K-Cups, which are the creation of Keurig, along with the Keurig’s K-Cup brewing machine, have become go-to options for caffeine users. Demand always results in better products. If you would like to purchase K-Cups, you can purchase them for cheap in bulk.

Getting a bulk of anything increases the ease of use. This ease of use further grows when in bulk. Though there are many K-Cups cheap bulk variants available, we want to bring to your notice the best of the lot. The 96 Count. With 96 K-Cups, you can be at peace and give the usage thought some rest.

Starbucks French Roast Coffee

We want to start the list with one of the best in the business. Starbucks has one of its best coffee – The French Roast Coffee – available in the 96 count section. You can get them for a price of around $86. The price is worth the package.

Dunkin Donuts Original Blend

We wanted to start the list with the best, so the next in line is Dunkin Donuts Original Blend. As the name states, it is the very famous original blend of Dunkin Donuts available for your taste buds and rejuvenation. The blend consists of Arabica beans. It is available for around $115.

Donut House Decaf

The next in line is the Donut House Decaf. It decaffeinated and has a light roast. Though it is the regular mix of coffee, it is one of the favorites among the Donut House customers. You can get this K-Cups bulk for a cheap price at around $43.

Green Mountain Coffee

How can we forget the original Keurig Green Mountain Coffee? The first to invent and use K-Cup pods. There are various flavors of Green Mountain Coffee that are available in the 96 count K-Cups cheap bulk. Island Coconut flavor is available for around $68. French vanilla and Lake and Lodge flavors are available in the price range of $55 to $57. The Caramel Vanilla Cream is available at around $62. The Dark Magic Decaf has a price tag of around $64. These are some of the many varieties of 96 count bulks available from Green Mountain Coffee.

Beantown Variety Pack

Some of us like more variety. In fact, we may actually want to try a different flavor each time. For customers like that, we want to add variety to the list and added Beantown. It has some good rating in this section and it has 15 types and no decaf version available in their K-Cups cheap bulk. You can taste this variance for a price of approximately $37.


Another popular brand, Folgers has some of its flavors for the taking. Flaunting a characteristic of being 100% pure coffee, the company offers its Classic Roast bulk of 96 counts at around $67. They have some good reviews to add to their resume. They also have their Lively Colombian and Black Silk flavors at a price range of $66.

These are some of the popular brands and flavors with good reviews in the K-Cups cheap bulk section. There are other brands as well that can join the list. Check them all and purchase with best offers at your nearest store or online. We wish you to be a coffee-happy customer after buying these bulks.