Now you can make your own cotton candy machine

Now you can make your own cotton candy machine

Did you know that cotton candy wasn’t something everyone could enjoy back in the day? Only the rich could afford cotton candy, but today everybody can enjoy this dessert. The reason why it was expensive and only the rich could afford it was because earlier, it could only be made manually and was labor intensive. However, today, you can make it at home from your self-made cotton candy machine.

There is a lot of creativity attached to the of making your own cotton candy machine from scratch. There are a couple of things you will need before you start building a machine of your own. You might also need to buy a few things, as not everything can be found lying around in your house.

You will need to get together two small metal bowls, a surplus fan motor of 1500 RPM, a thin polycarbonate sheet, a propane torch, sugar and food coloring. Yep, you probably need to buy everything except sugar and food coloring, or may be them too!

Start with drilling a small hole at the bottom of any one of the metal bowls and a bigger hole at the bottom of the other bowl. Now mend both the bowls from their peripheries. The large hole you drilled is for the sugar, and the smaller hole is to insert the surplus fan motor’s rod. But that will come later. You now need to drill tiny holes in the bowls with a thin drill bit. Now you need to fix the bowl with the fan’s rod and will need nuts and bolts to keep the bowl to remain fixed at the top of the rod.

Coming to the polycarbonate sheet, take a long rectangular sheet and make a circle by joining the ends and add support to the sheet in such a way that when the heat throws the sugar strings from the tiny holes you drilled, the sheet keeps them in that area and you can collect it with the help of a stick. In other words, the sheet should be at the height of the bowl so your stand is at a good height.

And now coming to the propane torch we are using for the heat source. Place the propane torch’s rod (from where the heat will come) between the bowl and the fan. You might have to give support to the torch’s body as its cylindrical and can roll away.

All you need to do now is, light the torch and plug the fan and don’t forget to drop flavored sugar in the bowl. Take a stick and start rotating it around round space to collect the sugar which is now cotton like candy.