Need for a tax identification number

Need for a tax identification number

There are many ways an individual can be identified as a recognized citizen of the country they belong to. A citizen is held accountable for a huge amount of social responsibilities that is entailed with an adult working in any country. The amount of facilities any country can offer to its citizens is directly proportional to the amount each individual contributes towards funds to be used for the overall development and improvement of amenities. These funds are most recognized by the term: tax. It is a person’s duty to pay taxes to the country or the state they live in as much as it is the responsibility of the state or the country to provide benefits to its inhabitants in exchange of the taxes paid.

Discussing the term in layman’s term, what are the basic facilities that are made possible owing to tax. Facilities like better connectivity through electricity, roads, water supply, and good medical facilities make it possible for a commoner to spend hassle-free days. Taxes also go toward public services like transportation, repair work in and around houses and buildings, and in instances of act of God. In the absence of taxes, all of these duties would single-handedly fall on the shoulders of the government which is both unfair and impossible.

Seeing the focus that is given to taxes, the government of each state and the federal government body have created a form of identification which is related to the taxes one pays to the local and the country wide government. This ID becomes the identity of the person in terms of taxes paid and value added to the society. This form of identification is widely accepted not only in the country but throughout the world as an accepted form of identification for the individual. The secondary function that tax identification entails is to make sure every earning citizen does their bit in paying taxes for the betterment of the local and national facilities and fulfill their responsibility as a citizen.

Officially known as the TIN, or taxpayer identification number is provided by the social security administration or the internal revenue service.

It is in this form of identification that one might find the much-coveted social security number that is the most important form of identification for any US citizen. It is in this card where one would find the identification details of their employer. Having the identification facilitated by the US government is the most important step taken by an American once they venture into their adult life.