Must-have healthy lunch meal ideas

Must-have healthy lunch meal ideas

If you are bored of the soggy salads and bland sandwiches, it’s time to get your family and yourself a healthy lunch meal that is delicious as well as wholesome. Most of the time, it is seen that people are interested in healthy meals but often find it tiring to make one. Hearty greens and layered soups are great ways of tweaking your lunch meal.

Tomato soup with a twist
Tomato soups are always a healthy way of starting with your lunch meal. The light, creamy tomato soup can be blended with some seashells, lettuce, and zucchini for a healthier tweak. Have this delicious soup for the lunch meal in a jar or you can also carry some in an air-tight container.

Carrot-cashew toast
A healthier version of a carrot-cashew mix can be in the form of a salad. The smooth texture of cashew butter is just the perfect pick for a sandwich spread. Pack the same for your kid’s lunch tiffin for school or have it as a side during lunch meals, carrot-cashew toast can never go wrong with the right amount of seasoning and oil. But be sure to limit the use of oil and if there’s anyone with nut allergy then substitute the same with hummus.

Chicken salad
Have you ever tried chicken salad with some fresh apples and raisins? If not, then you should try one. Mix the ingredients and add some salad sauces to add to the flavors. You can then spread the same on a brown bread and have for your lunch meal or grab some of these for your salad too. Give it a healthy twist with some whole-grain crackers and you can also make use of some leftover chicken and bacon.

Parfaits are a hit
If you want to add that extra dash of color, flavor, and wholesome diet, then parfaits can’t be a miss. Pick some of the fruits of your choice and pour the fresh fruits into a mason jar with some fresh cream. You can grab some blueberries, oranges, and refrigerate the same for a few hours before you can barge into the fresh fruity parfait. This is a really simple and quick to prepare lunch meal and the jar can easily get into your bag.

So, next time when you don’t know how to make your lunch meals healthier, keep these ideas handy for a quick and easy to make lunch recipes.