Most popular toys boys love to have

Most popular toys boys love to have

Children love taking things apart and discovering their toys so to speak. And toddlers are exceptionally curious. While most children display this trait, boys are generally seen as the ones who like to build stuff, fix stuff and basically do guy things. Choosing toys for a boy isn’t really that tough if you research a bit and know what the child is interested in.

Here are the top 5 toys boys love:

Shape blocksThe shape blocks help develop motor skills and eye-hand coordination and also fulfill their “need-to-build” urge. Colorful ones help because it stimulates their vision.

LEGO blocks LEGO is an absolute favorite among children. But boys tend to be gifted this toy more.

Remote control car – Boys absolutely love this. Check the age appropriateness of the toy and only then buy it for your child or gift it to one. Either way parental supervision is important.

Basketball set for toddlers It’s never too early for basketball. Mini basketball hangers are available in most toy shops and it’s pretty easy to set up. Hang them at a height that is most comfortable and watch them shoot hoops like a pro in no time.

Construction games Who doesn’t love Bob the Builder?! Construction toys are much-loved and used by little boys and are super popular too. Available for all budgets, these toys are best bought from a reliable store. You don’t want tiny pieces lying around the house or worse, your child ingesting them.

Toys play an uber-important role in the development of children and appropriate toys are a must have. The kinds of toys boys like will depend on their age. A six-year-old might not like blocks and a 2-year old might not show as much interest in a construction set. Be sure to buy toys from reputed toy stores so you know your child isn’t playing with anything harmful. Cheap plastic toys tend to have rough edges and could hurt your child.

Educational toys are a great way to go but could border on boring if they aren’t age appropriate.