Mobile phone cases to look for

Mobile phone cases to look for

Mobile phone cases can add some class or fun to your smartphone, depending on what you choose. Smartphones can be fragile, exposed to rough environments, inquisitive toddlers, and curious pets. Life can be hard on them. You can make it a little easier by getting a mobile phone case for protection.
There are a lot of variants to choose from. The premise behind picking the ideal mobile phone case is functionality. Where are you planning to take your smartphone or how often will you be using it?
While trendy designer cases do add a pop of style, if you don’t stop to consider the protection value the case adds, your phone can get damaged.
Here are the different kinds of mobile phone cases available to help you choose the type best suited to your needs.

Budget Cases

These are cheap and cheerful. Depending on your budget you may end up with a case that looks good or bad. The design doesn’t play an important factor in budget cases. Most people choose a case to give their phone basic protection.

Rugged Cases
Rugged cases can protect your phone from water, be able to withstand damage from blows and drops from varying heights. Heavy and bulky, they come with air pockets to protect the phone from impact. Rugged cases make your smartphone easy to hold but the phones can be difficult to insert or remove. The touchscreen sensitivity also reduces and the buttons are a bit harder to use.
However, the cushioning features make these cases perfect for tradesmen or people with active jobs.

Tough Cases
Drop-proof cases don’t add much bulk to your phone and don’t interfere with using the touchscreen and the buttons. They also come in various colors and design options so you can add a blend of elegance with toughness.
Pick one that offers military drop certification.

Slim/Basic Cases
If you don’t care about that protection and just want to flaunt your style, a slim case is ideal. Slim cases can be a designer, often adorned with colors, textures, and patterns.
Whether it’s an anime cover or a phone case showcasing your favorite sci-fi character, you can make a fashion statement with slim cases.

Flip-Open or Folio Cases
Stylish and pocket-friendly, folio cases offer basic all round protection. They are less suitable for long term use since they are prone to cracking.
Your device will come to life when you flip open the cover and go to its slumber when you close it. This is handy especially if you don’t want to accidentally dial someone while carrying it in your bag or pocket. Flip cases often have a handy slot for credit card storage too, meaning you have to leave your wallet at home.

Battery Cases
If your phone needs extra juice, getting a battery case can be a nifty choice. Battery cases can give your phone additional mileage of up to 12 hours or more, depending on the type you choose. They are a little bulky though.