Mobile apps: An answer to everything

Mobile apps: An answer to everything

Smartphones have become a prominent aspect of our day to day life. Alarms, music players, instant messengers, social media, online shopping, hiring a cab. Almost everything is just a click away. Our cell phones are now more advanced than ever, and can make our daily tasks simpler. Here are some genuine facts that would enlighten you about the genuine facts about mobile app development.

The Boom In The Use Of Cellphones
As a result of the increased affordability of smartphones, there has been a hike in the use of Internet as well. According to a survey conducted by a UK-based organization, TouchPoints: Adults aging 25 or more use their phones 264 times daily on an average. People of the age group 14-25 use their phones 387 times daily on an average. In other words, an average person uses their phones every other minute. There are roughly 2.1 million people globally that own a smartphone. The speed at which mobile technology is growing, the numbers are bound to increase. As a result, there is a huge boom in the use of mobile apps. As a result of the increase in the number of smartphone users, the use of apps is on a hike up too. The mobile app industry has become huge in recent years.

Development Trends Of The Mobile App Market
As a result of the popularity of mobile apps, the development of apps has become necessary for companies to survive the cut-throat rivalry.

Universal Platform Availability
Easy availability to all platforms is important. Almost all apps available are open to all platforms and devices. Android benefits the app industry due to the price factor. And iOS apps offers high end and expensive market.

Faster Mobile Development
Mobile app development companies are facing very rigid competition to keep up with demand. Companies rival to introduce their services and products faster than their competitors. The major goal of app developers is to decrease the gap between idealization and launch.

Operation With Cloud Technology
Cloud technology plays one of the most important roles in the development of mobile apps. Different apps being used on different devices can be synchronized and integrated. The technology gives an opportunity to developers to offer multi-device functionality.

Secure Apps
The biggest challenge for an app is the security of data and personal information. The most important requirement for app developers is to make sure that security is top notch. Developers can not afford to overlook the issues of insecure data storage.

Beacon Services
Beacon is a location based internet services which allows real-time tracking. It allows information to be found about the last location of the cellphone. The technology has been helping many industries expand their business with the use of the technology. Hospitality, education, and tourism are some of the examples of the industries benefiting. For the app developers, this is a game changer.