Maximizing cabinet space in kitchens

Maximizing cabinet space in kitchens

Small kitchens are cozy, convenient and perfect for whipping up a delicious meal in a jiffy. As is with small kitchen owners, there are times when they lack enough space to store their kitchen utensils, electronics and other paraphernalia. Let us find out some tricks to maximize cabinet space in the kitchen:

Uniformity in storage: One great way to maximize the cabinet counter space is by freeing up the space where you overload staple items like sugar, flour, salt, etc. and instead store them in uniform jars. Pick up some pretty Mason jars from a local store and store staples in them, which will not only make them look uniform but also attractive.

Adding shelves: Depending upon the woodwork of the storage cabinet, adding a small shelf inside the cabinet to separate a huge space and create two storage spaces will help maximize the size of the square cabinet.

Eliminating doors: Eliminating cabinets doors, especially on wall cabinets and those beneath the kitchen countertop gives a sense of openness and frees up a few inches that the door would have taken off the storage. Choose natural, light accents and shades rather than dark shades for the cabinets.

Hooks for mugs: Mugs stored within a cabinet is not only inconvenient but also make an unholy noise every time you open the cabinet, and also leave room for breakage. Use hooks on a wooden beam instead to hang mugs.

Bar glasses: Having a separate space for wine glasses and beer mugs is an impossible task in a common home, and even more impossible in studio apartments. Instead, hang a wire holder on the side of the kitchen wall cabinet and mount your bar glasses on them.

Kitchen towels: Instead of wrapping kitchen towels around the fridge handle adding a holder onto the side of the counter table would make it perfect choice for everyone, including the little ones, to keep their hands dry.

Extra space: If your dining space is within your kitchen limits and if there is any wall cabinet in the dining area, don’t waste the space beside the cabinet. Install hooks on the side to create a hanging storage space for keys, veggies, herbs and extra paraphernalia.

Kitchen tools: The chunky and heavy kitchen tools and cutting boards always tend to occupy a lot of cabinet space. Instead, hang them on the window or the sides of the wall cabinets to free up space.