Make you own coffee with these cheap Keurig coffee makers

Make you own coffee with these cheap Keurig coffee makers

If you are someone whose day is incomplete without a cup (or multiple cups) of coffee, a coffee maker would be an indispensable part of your kitchen. But coffee makers don’t really come cheap. If you are looking for affordable coffee makers for home or office, here we have a list of 4 popular cheap Keurig coffee makers for you.

These coffee makers are easy to use and quite simple to take care of. You simply put a K-cup of your favorite blend and let the coffee maker do the rest of the work to give freshly brewed coffee. Priced below $100, these are some of the popular and cheap Keurig coffee makers that you will find in the market.

Keurig K55 Single Serve Programmable K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker: With a big 48-ounce water reservoir, this Keurig coffee maker lets you make coffee in three brew sizes: 6, 8 and 12 ounces. In one refill, you will be able to make about 8 cups of coffee. Known for its ease of use, the K55 has very simplistic features. You can easily operate it with a press of a button. This coffee maker has a preheat feature. With this feature, you can brew a fresh cup of coffee in under a minute.

Keurig K10 Mini Plus Brewing System: One of the smallest Keurig coffee makers, the K10 is quite versatile; it can brew tea, hot cocoa, iced beverages along with coffee. You can use varieties of K-cup flavors and blends to make your own favorite brew in under two minutes. You can brew three different cup sizes: 6oz, 8oz. and 10oz. This coffee maker comes with a removal drip tray. This is one of the cheap Keurig coffee maker model. Although its production has been discontinued by Keurig, you can easily find this model through online retailers.

Keurig B130 Deskpro Coffee Maker: The most compact coffee maker from Keurig, the B310 is a no-frills portable device. You will usually find this in hotel rooms to instantly brew your coffee. Taking about a couple of minutes to brew your coffee, this coffee maker can make one cup of coffee at a time. You need to refill the reservoir for every time you brew a fresh cup. This coffee maker can brew coffee in tow brew sizes: 6 oz. and 8 oz. With low power usage and retail price, this is one of the cheapest Keurig coffee makers you will find in the market.

Mr. Coffee Single Cup Keurig Brewed System8: This coffee maker has been produced by a collaborative partnership between two brands: Keurig and Mr.Coffee. Majorly made of plastic and with an aluminum finish, this coffee maker has a removable drip tray that lets you use larger coffee mugs as well as travel mugs for your coffee. With a capacity to brew one cup of coffee at a time, this coffee maker comes with an auto shut off features that save power as well.