Make a good first impression while renting

Make a good first impression while renting

Having a budget and ensuring that all the necessary documents for renting an apartment are in order is just one part. The most important being how convincingly you can handle the landlord to make sure you get a good deal. As they say, first impression should be the best impression, this applies for real estate also.

Just as you are looking for a decent place to live, landlords out there are looking for decent tenants to let out their property. You might think that looking for an apartment is challenging, but when you think from the landlords point of view, the other side of the spectrum is just as grim. He has to deal with people who are looking to rent out, but find that the place is not suited for their purpose or maybe the rent is too high or maybe the lighting was not so good or appealing. This are the little things that just might annoy the landlord, which in turn can cause you to lose a good deal, if ever there was one.
Here are a few tips which will help you make a good deal with your potential landlord.

Generally, make sure you look for apartments that fit your budget. Nothing pisses off the owner more than someone coming up to them after inspecting the entire apartment and not taking it, because the price was out of their budget. Know your spending limit before you even ring up the landlord to fix an appointment.

Credit history will help you in this matter, that is if you have a good report to present. Credit history affirms faith in your ability to pay dues on time and thus convince the land lord that you will never be late with rent or any other payments.

If you have fixed an appointment, be there on time to meet the owner. Dot be late or tardy, citing that you were stuck in traffic or missed your train. The landlord himself might have moved around a couple of other appointments to accommodate you in the given time slot, ensure you reach on time. also dress properly for the occasion, house hunting may sound like you can just wear a pair of shorts and a flappy t-shirt and get the job done as long as you have the money ready. This is not how it’s supposed to work, dress for the job as they say, even if the job is just looking for an apartment.