Main religious items used at a catholic mass

Main religious items used at a catholic mass

Several items are used at a Church during a Catholic mass. These items are sanctified, and those that are used for the Holy Body and the Holy Blood of God are made of gold or gold-plated silver. To understand Catholicism, you need to know about the components used during prayers. Some of the most popular and best religious items used are discussed herein:

Four books are used in general, which include the Books of Gospel, Lectionary, Hymnal or Missalette, and Sacramentary. Each book serves a different purpose and is used at separate points during the mass.

Also one of the best religious items used at mass, the chalice is a sacred glass used to hold the wine that is known as the Blood of the Lord. It is only touched by the clergy during the prayer ceremony.

A white linen cloth embroidered or marked with a cross, the purificator is used to cleanse the chalice.

It is a shallow saucer-like disk made from the same material, as the chalice and only touched by the clergy. The paten holds the bread or the Body of the Lord. The Bishop consecrates both chalices and patens.

During the mass, a white linen cloth will have the Paten and Chalice on it. This cloth is known as corporal. It is ironed in a predetermined manner; so, the cloth can be unfolded into nine equal squares.

A bigger chalice covered by a lid with a cross at the top, a ciborium serves multiple purposes. It is used to hold the Body of Christ during which a white silk veil covers it. Ciborium also reserves the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle.

Also known as Censer, this religious item is used to incense the wine and bread after the offertory, altar, Priest, and the congregation during solemn occasions.

Processional Crucifix
It is a crucifix on a rigid staff that is carried by hand. It is held while entering the Church for Mass and exiting later, in front of Liturgical processions, before gifts are brought up to the altar, and for other solemn occasions. It is placed on the altar at all other times.

It is a white-colored stiff cover placed over the Paten when it is kept on the chalice. It pall prevents any foreign particle from falling into the chalice.

Communion cups
These items are similar to a Chalice and utilized when people receive from the cup during communion. Communion cups are kept on the Credence Table and brought to the Altar only during the communion.