Lift chairs – changing the definition of comfort and furniture design

Lift chairs – changing the definition of comfort and furniture design

In the ever-so-demanding world where the consumer is in a constant hunt for something new, the modernity of the product is a priority and it is exactly what manufacturing companies have in their mind when rolling out new products for their market. Yes, there were days when a would-be customer would only look up to the usual and classical types of furniture that has been used for generations and used to perfection, but the scene has changed for good.

Basics of lift chairs
One such accessory in one’s living room or sleeping quarters is a lift chair. The commodity is often referred to simply as a recliner, reclining chair or lift recliners. The public term used for this piece of furniture helps understand what it actually means. By definition, these chairs have a characteristic mechanism built into them that enables what is termed as the powerlifting mechanism that mechanically molds the structure of the chair as per the users’ comfort. The chair’s lower pedestal, or where the foot of the user sits, can be raised up, and the back support of the furniture can be pushed back or forward to give a perfect comfort and/or support to the users back. In some of the modern designs, the seating of the chair can be fitted with massagers that aid in relaxing the user’s body muscles, hence becoming a massager and recliner as well. In the far West, the loft chair qualifies as Durable Medical Equipment, owing to its comfort and muscle relaxing properties. This chair is considered as the best recliner chair and an ideal seat for someone who is sick and needs rest and complete support for their muscles.

Structure of lift chairs
In terms of its mechanism, it is best for a possible customer to know how it functions to get the best out of their new purchase. The structure comprises a wooden or iron frame which is fitted with a mechanism to lift the skeleton of the chair and is accompanied by cushions and upholstery to add to the comfort factor of the recliner. The upgraded and recent versions of the chair feature an electric motor which functions as the force behind the lift mechanism. Some chairs even have two motors attached to enable up to 3preprogrammed tilt positions placed to be used by the user.

In the arena of furnishing, this item might be an extremely new addition from the design labs built in the manufacturing units, but it sure is an accessory of comfort and for genuine reasons and a must have for a living space.

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