Learn the art of making a swag valance

Learn the art of making a swag valance

Swag valances can be expensive sometimes depending on its style. If you find it too expensive or out of your home decor budget, don’t worry. You can easily make one within a short span of time. Swag valances are available in many varieties. Some of them are simple-looking, while some others are royal heavy-looking. Here is the most decent and simple looking valance, named scarf valance and the guidelines to make one.

However, remember that the size of the valance depends on you and your taste. If you want scarves puddling on the floor, buy long materials. Also go for dark rich colors, if your wall prints are faded. This contrast adds gravity to your room. A faded monochrome idea is great too, in case you don’t want loud colors in your room.

How to make a classic scarf swag valance?
Measure the area of the window you want to cover up with swag valance. Measure the lowest part of it and then go up over the rod. Make sure you have a complete measurement of the entire window case.

Decide the length of your swag. This is for the ones who want long swag valances descending down to the floor. Measure from the corner of the top of the window and go down.

Buy a 180 x 22 inches material or fabric, if your window size is 30 x 60 inches. The best way to obtain such measurement is to buy two yards of material or fabric and then simply cut it into two halves lengthwise. Sew the pieces end-to-end. This will also give you the ideal outline for a scarf valance.

Look for the center of the fabric, perpendicular to the hardware or curtain rod and using pins, make a vertical line down the center.

Next, hang the end pieces of the fabric over each end of the curtain rod. Place the pleats or folds properly into place and fluff the middle swirls to make it look original. Pin it afterwards.

After you have completed your folding and pinning, move on to the ends of the curtains and try to make a knot around the curtain bar. Don’t try too hard or make it look unnatural, which would certainly disturb the flowing pattern of the valance. Make sure you don’t tug much.

Lastly, for beautifying more with decorative items, add a ribbon and tie a bow at the ends to secure your knot.

How to hang a swag valance?
Choose the right kind of scarf hooks complementing your valance. Drill and install the hooks a few inches past the window case on each end.

Lay the fabrics on a large table or floor and hold it, stretching it lengthwise in front of you.

Take the measurements of the window properly and make sure each end has the same amount of the Valance.

Hang the swag valance carefully, facing the backside towards the glass. Allow the center portion to hang down and adjust the pattern.