Learn about the different types of carpets

Learn about the different types of carpets

The carpet industry has come a long way during the last 15 to 20 years. Technological advancements have played a prominent role in popularizing the use of area carpets. The options are limitless including modern carpets, contemporary carpets, and handmade carpets. You can choose whichever works for you.

Important considerations
The make and material used in making the carpet must be considered while you are making a purchase decision. There are carpets uniquely designed for specific places and it makes your job a lot easier. Area carpets are highly popular among people since they are multipurpose. Hence, where you are planning to use the carpet should be a top consideration. The traffic patterns of the space must also be taken into consideration. If you are looking for a carpet to be placed in a high traffic area, you must choose a durable and tough material and construction. For areas where traffic is a bit lower, you can opt for plush and soft carpets. For instance, living room carpets are strong enough to sustain the high traffic a living room usually sees. These are all simple things, but they are critically important.

Two types of carpets
Carpets can be generally classified into two basic categories and they include cut pile and looped pile. A cut pile refers to carpets made using one flat and you can find an even height of straight material on top. These types of products are the soft and lush ones usually found in the places with reduced foot traffic. Underused living room carpets are the best examples. The second category, looped carpets are constructed so that the top creates a loop on top instead of being straight cut. These types of products are really long lasting and they are capable of withstanding high footfalls.

Learn about carpet subdivisions
You can classify the cut pile into two subdivisions and they include textile carpeting and frieze style. The textile carpeting is the type normally linked to the style that is the straight cut with the straight material. A straight cut can be associated with frieze style, but the material has a twist to it. When you compare the longevity, frieze has better durability than textile carpeting. Looped carpets can also be divided into subcategories. Some of the looped carpets come with a level loop style that closes at the same height all over. These versions are extremely resistant to footmarks and footprints and you can use them in high traffic areas. Berber carpets can be included in this category and they have a rich tradition of history. Today, modern manufacturing methods are employed to make these types of carpets.

The modern versions of the looped carpets do not follow the same style that of conventional handmade type. You can also find mixed pattern carpeting and they combine all other variations of carpeting for creating unique designs. You have to look at your needs closely and then, select a suitable one that fits well with your needs.