Latest Microsoft surface pro laptop for high end designing & gaming needs

Latest Microsoft surface pro laptop for high end designing & gaming needs

Most of us would be looking for latest laptops for the convenience they offer to take the office along with us anywhere. The selection of the configuration of the laptop we need might depend on the actual application we make regularly. However some professionals would prefer to possess the best surface book laptop that would offer superior graphics, excellent processing speed, extra-long battery life and overall splendid performance.

For such aspirants that would be looking for the best; surface book would be the most suited option. The laptop is designed to provide excellent performance through its crisp and vibrant graphics, with best possible zooming options and better processing speed so that the user can have lag-free and faster working experience especially for engineering and design.

Microsoft surface book is the splendid creation by the world leader in operating systems and many other software solutions that are used on most of the personal computers throughout the world. Microsoft has been the game changer in the field of software since many decades now and the reputation of the company is well understood by the users throughout the world.

In order to enhance the performance base, surface pro that is the latest addition to the range of surface book; comes with seventh generation Intel Core i7 microprocessor and 2 GB GPU. These configurations are most suited for increased graphics and processing experience.

To enable users to handle extreme graphics related tasks such as gaming and also designing applications, the surface pro comes with an additional graphics card. Thus the designers, game lovers and other professional that require high intensity and high resolution graphics can have tremendous benefits from this particular model.

Another important aspect of this powerful laptop is the 16 hours battery backup. This would make the laptop very useful for the professionals that need to spend hours together working on complex engineering designs making load calculations, trying different options of shapes and size for the components in the assembly they would be designing and also trying various available options of the materials to suit the requirement of loading and aesthetics. Thus the prolonged battery life of the Microsoft surface laptop makes it the best choice for the people that work endlessly; irrespective of their working hours.

The processing speed, large RAM, the fantastic graphics card and the size of the display are most suitable for 3D modeling and some other designing applications. Thus this laptop would be ideal for the designing firms and the companies that are engaged in designing and execution of large infrastructure projects such as bridges and dams; automotive manufacturers and design agencies that need to deliver something new every time they come out with new models of different types of vehicles, architecture firms that would be prominent in delivering spectacular designs of buildings.