Laminate flooring: Your new 3D floor

Laminate flooring: Your new 3D floor

Home construction has experienced a sea change from traditional brick and mortar or wood building, to mobile or even prefabricated homes, which are assembled in a factory setting and moved to a site of your choice. But for most of us, we never thought we would see the day when you home is printed. Yes, you heard it right, printed!

Appearing in the mid 1990s, 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is a process where objects of almost any shape or size are printed layer by layer, till they reach their intended final form. Experts predict that 3D printing will be the future, the third industrial revolution that will eventually replace most traditional factory manufacturing methods.

Now that the process is in place, the possibilities are endless! While the first decade of this century saw simple nuts and bolts printed out, today we are looking at 3D printed homes!
3D printed homes are springing up all across the country, with some small homes taking a ridiculously small amount of time to create, sometimes as little as 24 hours! Apart from cost and time advantages, some people look at 3D printed homes as a way to reuse the tons of plastic floating around in our oceans, putting them to good long-term use.

If all this sounds too futuristic for you, you will be surprised to realize how 3D printed objects may be around you, right this moment. Even the laminate flooring under your feet that you dote upon is 3D printed. Precision 3D printing is what makes it possible to give you laminate flooring that accurately mimic the looks of wood or stone. If you do not wish to have a hardwood floor, that might be ruined by water or are too scared to walk on tiles when it has water on it, then your options for availing a good flooring is limited. But, do not forget that you are living in the modern age. You can have a 3D printed floor in the form of a laminate flooring. You can still get a hardwood floor or a graphite tiled flooring with the help of laminate flooring. The key idea behind laminate flooring is imitation! You can imitate your favorite patterns in these awesome flooring.

3D printing has immense use especially in modular housing, with its pre-loaded designs and emphasis on quick creation. With today’s customized, free open-source architectural designs, just a bit of research makes it possible for you to visualize, personalize and print an entire home, for a fraction of the cost of traditional building. A labor-intensive, cost-intensive process has been reduced to the arena of play and fun.

We are living the future as predicted ages back. Only a suave work of laminate flooring can give the impression that you have revamped your home.