Know how to purchase refrigerator filters at low cost

Know how to purchase refrigerator filters at low cost

If you have one of those refrigerators that have a built-in water filter, you would need to buy refrigerator filters sooner or later. Usually, people who own such refrigerators know that these filters are not cheap and can cost you around $100-$150 a year for changing it 2-3 times annually. However, you need not fret. Here are some ways to save money on these refrigerator filters.

Filter subscription: It makes sense as to why most refrigerator brands offer filter subscription service. It helps you save up a few dollars on a product that you will need every six months. If you sign up for such a service, you shall have your filter delivered to you once in every six months, and most brands offer around $5-$10 discounts on their filters. Moreover, you will not even have to remember to change the filter as its delivery will remind you of it.

Coupon codes: Most coupon code sites offer coupon codes on products such as water filters. Moreover, e-commerce sites offer an additional 10%-20% discount during festive periods. So, go online and visit some of the bigger coupon code sites and you shall be able to save around $15-$20 on the purchase of your refrigerator filters.

Bulk shopping: Find out from your refrigerator brand whether they offer a discount on bulk purchase of refrigerator filters. If they don’t, you can rest assured that some of the big e-commerce sites offer substantial discounts on bulk purchase of such products almost always. Since filters do not have an expiry date, buying in bulk makes perfect sense.

Local store: If you could not get satisfactory discounts after looking all over, just visit your local store and do it the old-fashioned way. Build a good rapport with the dealer and bargain your way through. Moreover, this is the way to go if you urgently need the water filter since other options will include delivery time. Some brands offer purchase rebates on certain products. Find out whether your brand offers purchase discount on the water filter and save up on your hard-earned money.

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