Know about the Different Types of Costco Hearing Aids

Know about the Different Types of Costco Hearing Aids

According to research and study, around 48 million citizens suffer from hearing impairment of various degrees. If untreated, hearing impairment can have serious consequences on health ranging from dementia to depression.
Usage of hearing aids can be of significant help to such people. Costco hearing aids are a great solution for those who are in search of a smart hearing aid. Costco also offers free check-ups at various locations and one can get good bargains on Costco hearing aids.

Costco Hearing Aids

Costco Hearing Aids Center offers a wide array of brands such as GN ReSound, Phonak, and Kirkland. These hearings aids are available in different designs such as In-The-Canal, In-The-Ear, Behind-The-Ear and Invisible-In-The-Canal hearing aids.

Phonak Costco Hearing Aid

They offer a variety of models of hearing aids suitable for medium to severe hearing loss. They also have an app which can be downloaded on Android phones. The app will function as a remote control for the Brio 2 model hearing device. This Costco hearing aid enables the user to hear in challenging environments such as ongoing conversations in a chaotic environment, hearing from a considerable distance, during telephonic conversations and while listening to television and music.

ReSound Forte Costco Hearing Aid

The wireless experience with these hearing aid models allows the user to have better connectivity. There are custom models available too as per the user’s need. It also lets the user hear the filtered sound from the environment and respond to whichever they want to. The ReSound Forte devices come in stylish designs and multiple colors. The accessory Phone Clip+ transforms the Costco hearing aid into a hands-free headset for any device that uses Bluetooth Technology. The micro-mic enhances the ratio of signal and noise and streams voice to the hearing device.

Bernafon Costco Hearing Aid

The model Zerena uses 2.4 GHz Bluetooth technology. Users can hear more efficiently in the most crowded places with these Costco hearing aids. Zerena also has a feature that automatically changes programs for the user in different environmental setups. Zerena hearing aids can be operated through Easy Control-A app. The user can increase or decrease the volume of the hearing aid and check the battery status of the device. This Costco hearing aid also comes with a “Find my hearing instrument” feature which helps the user in locating the device in case they have kept it somewhere or misplaced it.

Kirkland Costco Hearing Aid

Living up to its tagline, “Stay connected to the ones you love”, this hearing device is available in eight colors – Pearl White, Gray, Granite, Silver, Black, Sandy Brown, Brown, and Beige. The device is smaller in size and is comfortable to wear. Any external disturbances are reduced to a bare minimum. The cost of ReSound Forte 8 starts from $1,299 each whereas ReSound Forte 6’s starting price range is $899 each approximately. The complete package of the hearing aid kit contains a cleaning cloth and brush, a presentation case, two premium hearing instruments (wireless), a travel pouch, an XPhone magnet, 10 Batteries (Zinc-air batteries only) and user guides. The Secure-Tec with an IP67 in these Costco hearing aids provide protection from moisture and dust.

Rexton Costco Hearing Aid

These devices provide an enhanced hearing experience for the user as they conveniently transition from one set-up to another. The two models offered by Rexton are Legato iX and Legato Li. While Legato iX is an almost invisible aid that provides a user-friendly experience, Legato Li is fitted with a Lithium battery that needs to be recharged. Both the models are completely automatic and run on Bluetooth technology. The life of the battery is between three to five years. The device is also accompanied by an accessory called Smart Connect that eliminates the need for a remote control.