Know about the popular Alcatraz tours and tickets

Know about the popular Alcatraz tours and tickets

Alcatraz, a popular federal prison turned into a famous tourist attraction, is located half a mile away from the Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco that is situated on the Pacific coast. Situated in the Western part of the country, this was the federal penitentiary that had popular convicts like Al Capone and George Kelly. This has now become one of the most famous tourist attractions.

Due to its popularity, a lot of people visit this island. Alcatraz tours tickets will include the tours of the prisoners’ cell. The prisons are quite dark and can feel extremely claustrophobic. The prison also has mess halls as well as libraries and a dark hole which is still intact. You can take the tour at your own pace. You can take the audio tour which is part of the Cellhouse portion of the visit. Listed below are two of the popular Alcatraz tours that you can choose from.

Alcatraz Early Bird Tour
In case you want to avoid the crowd and enjoy every part of the island peacefully, then it is best if you get the Early Bird Alcatraz tours tickets. It is the first tour of the day, similar to the day tour but the only difference is, you can avoid majority of the crowd that mostly comes in the later part of the day. Features of the ticket include a round-trip boat ride to the Alcatraz Island, regular programs as well as exhibits, and the award-winning audio tour of the Cellhouse. The Early Bird ticket costs around $39.90 for adults.

The journey starts at 8.45 AM in the morning, and it takes about two and a half hours to fully explore every corner of the island. You can stay on the island as long as you want. There are plenty of programs offered if you take the Early Bird Alcatraz tours tickets. You can join the National Park Service Rangers & Docents to explore thematic guided walking tours to areas of the island where travelers mostly don’t go to. Most of the guided tours are provided throughout the day and usually start either at the lighthouse or the dock. The tours and times often vary, so it is better if you carefully note program board at the Island dock. Also, do not forget to explore the permanent exhibits while visiting Alcatraz Island.

The Early Bird Alcatraz tours tickets include the special and award-winning Cellhouse audio tour, and you can easily wander around the Cellhouse at your own pace by simply listening to the audio presentation. You can go inside the dark cells and learn the stories of life from the former inmates, and get to know about the prison breakout from the correctional officers who worked over here. Another interesting fact about the Cellhouse audio is that it is available in many languages like English, German, Dutch, French, Japanese, Korean, etc.

You can enjoy the different moods of the Alcatraz Island with the Behind The Scene Alcatraz tours tickets especially if you visit in the evening. You can also cherish the stunning beauty of the sunset that enhances the look of the Golden Gate Bridge and learn about the history of the island. Also, the visit includes evening talks about topics on different escape stories, the life of inmates, and lots more.

Also, with this particular Alcatraz tours tickets, you can enjoy various night tour activities, an additional guided tour which will take you to the passageways, hidden rooms as well as the different underground cells of Alcatraz Island.

Alcatraz Behind The Scenes Tour
You can also delve into the areas of the island where the public was initially not allowed. You can join a group of 30 people or less than that and go on an adventure to know about the interesting as well as fascinating history of the prison. You can find a tunnel through which you can get to the underground jail, and enjoy the magnificent views of the gardens. Traveling with the Behind The Scenes Alcatraz tours tickets will allow you to know the artifacts, hidden doorways, and the interesting secrets of the Alcatraz Island.

With the Alcatraz tours tickets for the Behind The Scenes Tour, you will be able to enjoy the programs with limited people every evening. You will get many special tours, activities, and programs which are not included in the day time tickets and tours. Make sure to check all the permanent exhibits while you visit the popular Alcatraz Island. With this package, you will also get to experience the Cellhouse audio tour. The ticket for the Behind The Scenes Tour costs around $92.30 for adults.

Therefore, these are some of the popular Alcatraz Island’s tour tickets which you can book if you want to visit the island and explore the stories of people who were imprisoned over there.