Jtv Jewelry : Something for everyone

Jtv Jewelry : Something for everyone

Every woman loves jewelry, be it earrings, rings, pendants or bracelets. While high school girls may prefer low-cost fashion jewelry that they can change on a daily basis, older women are more likely to invest in gold, silver or platinum jewelry. Like everything else, jewelry too can be bought online today. JTV jewelry offers a large selection of beautiful jewelry and loose gemstones that can be set according to your designs.

Jewelry reflects your personality can almost be considered to be an extension of yourself. Quiet, demure women are likely to like small, delicate jewelry like a pair of studs or a delicate chain bracelet. On the other hand, women with a vivacious personality are more likely to prefer bold, chunky jewelry. The age of a woman also makes a difference as mentioned above. Young women are often spotted wearing funky colors and jewelry made from unusual materials like feathers or leather. As she grows older, her tastes in jewelry are likely to become more conservative.

JTV jewelry is also an ideal gift for a woman’s birthday, anniversary or any other such festive occasion. For most young girls, their favorite piece of jewelry is often the first pair of gold earrings gifted to them by their parents. Mothers too favor jewelry gifted to them by their children over other pieces they may have bought for themselves.

Like fashion, jewelry trends are constantly changing. This year, on one hand, art Deco jewelry in the form of long danglers and geometric motifs is making a comeback while on the other, statement pendants and earrings made from uncut minerals are also in vogue. Some pieces like a solitaire diamond ring or a strand of pearls, however, are classics that never go out of fashion. Arm cuffs and ear cuffs are also gaining popularity and blurring the line between jewelry and accessories.

When it comes to buying gold, silver or platinum jewelry one must also ensure the purity of the metal. Pure silver is usually hallmarked or stamped with the numbers 995 to indicate the purity of the metal. The purity of gold is measured in terms of karats with 14, 18, 22 and 24 being the most commonly used for jewelry designs. A general rule of thumb to follow when pricing gold jewelry says, The higher the karat value – the higher the price. Common hallmarks for platinum jewelry include Pt, PLATINUM, 750, 850, 900, 950 and 990.

When it comes to the gemstones being used in JTV jewelry, they must first be cut and polished before they can be set. Prices here are determined by the value of the stone itself, how it is cut, its clarity and color. A round cut stone is the most common stone used in jewelry designs. Other cuts include the princess cut, emerald cut, square cut, marquise cut and heart shaped cut.