Invest in your future today, know more about silver

Invest in your future today, know more about silver

Have you ever wanted to invest in something that can give you better returns for the future? Silvers bars are a good investment choice over gold bars and silver coins.

Why? Because they have lower premiums than their coin counterparts, but that’s not all. They are a lot easier to store as well. Here are a few reasons why you should buy silver bars over silver coins, and how to go about buying your first set.
Lower Premiums

As mentioned earlier, bars are a safer investment choice than silver coins. The main reason is that silver coins involve more money spent on the intricate designs carved on them. The premiums for coins are quite high, since you’re paying for the visual appeal in addition to the value of silver itself.

Easier Storage: The second big reason why silver bars are the better choice: for every ounce of silver, bars take up a lot less space, and are easier to store. Silver bullion takes up less space than a silver coin. The more you accumulate, the more you’ll notice this big difference in storage space requirements.

Liquid Assets: Silver bars can be sold easily, and are more widely accepted.

Protection Against Currency Devaluation: The biggest benefit of getting yourself a collection of silver bars would be protection against currency devaluation. You can generate a regular income by buying and selling silver bars based on silver prices today in the market, which are steadier than currency fluctuations. You can buy them with the assurance of a long-term stable, viable investment.

Silver Bar Buying Guidelines: A good rule to follow when buying silver bars is to buy those in the 10 to 100 ounce range. This is because not every layman can afford 1000 ounce bars; plus, bars below 1 ounce command notoriously high premiums. Also, 1000 ounce bars and higher ounce bars have higher chances of getting counterfeited since they are more pricey.

The second thing to watch out for is whether you get your silver bars stamped. Usually, silver bars are accompanied by a branding stamp and a serial number.
Quality stamping usually includes the bar’s weight, purity information, manufacturer details outlining refinery details and finally, a serial number. Some bars don’t include this, which could mean you aren’t getting a pure silver bar, or that you’re getting a low quality variant.

Ensuring that your silver bars have this can safeguard you as a buyer, and even as a seller; people tend to trust bars with stamping, preferring them over non-stamped ones.

These simple tips should give you the knowledge you need to make safe investments in silver bars today.