Interesting features and facts of keycaps

Interesting features and facts of keycaps

A brand-new set of keycaps is probably the best way to spiff up the monotonous mechanical keyboard. Just replacing the set of old, poorly made, and thin ABS keycaps with the new awesomely designed colored keycaps is way better. You’ll need to understand the size of the keycaps needed, what row they sit on, and not to forget the specific layout is a must while purchasing a new set of keycaps. Here are some features of the keycaps.                                                                                                                                          

Features of keycaps

The keycap profiles
The shape of the keycap is known as the keycap profile. You can feel the difference in shape and height of the keycap, although it may seem similar in its top-down view. 


  • Sculpted and uniform keycap profiles
    Sculpted keycap profiles are profiles that have a distinct shape each at a different angle. Uniform keycaps are keys that have the same/uniform shape and size.                                                                                                                                                   

Various production methods
Various production methods affect the colored keycaps choices, their quality, texture, customizing possibilities, and their durability.                                                              

  • 3-D Printed Keycaps
    With the introduction of 3-D printers it has become relatively easy to make a keycap in the shape and color of your choice. You just need to have some practice and easy access to a 3-D printer. You can create colored keycaps, or normal keycaps in unique shapes and textures.
  • Hand-molded Keycaps
    These are keycaps that are relatively unique, expensive, and highly sought-after because of their distinctive construction form and design. The process of making these keycaps begins with a clay mold moving onto a silicone mold, this mold is further cast with resin. This method is extremely time-consuming and fetches a lot of money from the artists who create these keycaps.                                                                                                            
  • Double-shot keycaps
    Double-shot keycaps are manufactured from a more complex process by injection molding two separate plastics. They are produced this way for the lighting to shine through. These kinds of keycaps are available in both ABS and PBT plastics.                                                                  

Choosing the right keycap profile for gaming
Have you ever thought of how to choose the right keycap profile? You always tend to look for the kind of keyboard with comfortable and easily usable keycaps. Well, the Cherry style of keycaps is the best for gaming purposes. These are sculpted profiles specially made comfortable to press for games. 

These are some features and facts about keycaps. Keycaps are the face of the keyboard and are responsible for the touch, sound, feel, and overall experience.

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