Security cameras – Installation and costs involved

Security cameras – Installation and costs involved

Most companies offering security cameras these days are designing DIY security cameras to save their consumers’ money in their installation. The cost of installation can be minimized through a simple DIY step-by-step process. All you need is a tool box for installation, and you are good to go.

How to protect the camera?
Place your camera high up to protect it from vandalism, keep it under shelter to avoid precipitation impact on the footage, and the lens must point away from the source of light. Also, install the camera on soffits, sides of the buildings, ceilings, etc. to hide cables, and carefully place it to detect intruders. Connect camera, power, and DVR with the all-in-one cable, for power and video transmission.

Cost of security cameras
The cost of installing security cameras depends on the type of security camera, placement, the number of cameras, and unique features like remote monitoring and controlling. An average IP camera can range between $150 to $400, and a high-end one can be between $500 to $1200. The high-end version can cover more area with fewer cameras.

A standard high-definition security camera can cost around $35 to $65, and analog models can cost $75 to $150. Even a low-resolution camera can give you high-quality pictures depending on its placement in home or office. PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras, on the other hand, come with an adjustable lens and allow users to pan around and zoom in on areas which are farther than 40 feet.

If you contact security camera installation contractors, home video surveillance costs depend upon the quality of central monitoring, labor rates, and other special requirements. An average CCTV IP camera fitting cost can be between $1500 and $4000 which can include 3-4 CCTV and 8-9 CCTV cameras set ups respectively. LCD monitor with two security cameras can cost around $500, and an average cost of DVR/NVR cameras can be around $170. Installation service of licensed electricians for four hours can range from $270 to $350. In the US, four video surveillance systems will cost about $780.

Compare and explore for the best solution
The labor cost of a security camera can fluctuate from one city to another widely. The installation of high-resolution cameras usually cost $50 to $300 more than lower resolution versions. So, before buying a security camera, research and find out about the exact type of security equipment which can match your needs.