How to save money on motorcycle insurance

How to save money on motorcycle insurance

So, you’ve bought the bike of your dreams and can’t wait to take it out? There is one important thing you must consider before you can start riding your bike insurance. Insurance is very important as it will protect you and your bike in case of an emergency and will help meet expenses if the bike needs repairs. Your insurance depends on different factors like the bike type and engine size. Insurance companies classify motorcycles differently. It can have a huge difference on your insurance bill.

Here’s how you can buy affordable insurance for your bike.

  • Enroll in a training course:
    Enrolling in a training course could help you get a discount on your insurance. It is especially a good option for a new rider or for someone who has had an accident.

  • Become a preferred operator’:
    Become a preferred motorcycle operator buy having a clean record. Avoid accidents, tickets or other violations. Find out what qualifies as a clean record and whether you qualify.
  • Tailor your coverage:
    Alter your coverage according to your usage. If you plan to use the bike over the weekends, your insurance could be cheaper than someone who decides to take it to work every day. Inform your insurer of this to get the right kind of coverage. For example, if you plan to not use your bike during winters, you might save a lot.
  • Tap into your network:
    If you are part of associations and clubs, take advantage of it while buying insurance. As it could gain you an extra 10% discount. Associations that qualify you for a discount are American Motorcycle Association, Honda Riders Club of America, Motorcycle Safety Foundation, Harley Owners Group, Gold Wing Riders Association, Motorcycle Touring Association and BMW Motorcycle Owners of America.

  • Adjust your deductible:
    Consider higher deductible if you can afford it which gives way for a lower premium. Deductible is the amount you pay out of pocket after an accident. But make sure your funds are in order so that your costs are covered in the event of an accident.

  • Shop around:
    It goes without saying that like for any service, you should shop around for bike insurance too. Browse the Internet and do some comparison shopping, look for similar products and compare prices.

  • Check your credit score:
    This is very important. A bad credit will have an impact on your insurance premiums. Consider taking a closer look at your credit report. If you find your credit score is low, work to raise it so that you are able to find a lower premium. It takes just a little time and research to lower your motorcycle insurance costs and yield big savings down the road.