How to purchase the right television

How to purchase the right television

Televisions have existed for almost a century now. They’ve seen tremendous growth in the last few years. Today, televisions are very common in every household. It is estimated that 79% of houses today have at least one television set. From providing news to various forms of entertainment, a television serves myriad purposes. In today’s technological era, there exists an extremely wide variety of televisions. With several options to pick from, buying a television that will meet all your requirements will need research on your part.

Selecting the right television
Buying a new television can be an extremely formidable task, especially with the huge variety, large amounts of information, and new features releasing by the minute. Besides, you can find a TV sale in every nook and corner. Here are three helpful rules to help you select the right television set.

  • Be mindful of the specifications: A television is a large investment. Thus, before you make a purchase, learn all the specs and find the one that suits you best. Televisions also have several additional features that vary with the brand and the model. If you are not clear with regard to specifications, you can also speak to the technical experts at the store. Also, do your research at home and keep notes on your preferences. This way, you will not be swayed to purchase one with features you don’t require at a higher cost.
  • With televisions, larger screen is always better: The new generation of television sets has larger screens in comparison to the older models. This enhances the user experience as well. A 55-inch screen for a television set in the living area and 40-inches in the bedroom is generally recommended. Select the size based on where you plan to fix your television set. Ensure that you are at a minimum distance of 7 feet from the screen to prevent any damage to the eye.
  • Always go for higher resolution: Televisions that come with Ultra High Definition (UHD, or also known as 4k) have a resolution that is four times greater than the standard 1080p televisions. This makes watching television an enjoyable experience. And due to the ease of producing them, the cost of UHD televisions is dropping drastically. Once you watch TV on a high-resolution screen, it will be hard for you to go back to lower resolutions.
  • Types of televisions: Broadly speaking, there are two types of televisions out there today. There are those that use LED LCD technology, and the OLED televisions. OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. They have the best picture quality available. However, they are still high on the price scale. Almost all other televisions use LED LCD technology. The LED LCD televisions have the Local Dimming feature that steadily gives a performance. The ones with Full-Array LED Backlights also perform well, in comparison to the Edge-Lit LED Backlights.

Other important features

  • Smart television: This includes the smart apps that usually come with a television set. In the absence of it, a television can use the smart apps by plugging in an HDMI stick. Smart Television is an added luxury. It expands and enhances the television experience.
  • Curved televisions: Most televisions today have this feature. The curved screen improves visibility and enhances the user experience. They can be found at any retail store or at a TV sale. Curved television screens are perfect if you are simply looking to enjoy watching and surfing through channels.