How to prevent thinning hair

How to prevent thinning hair

Thinning hair or a receding hairline can seriously hamper one’s self esteem. Youth brings with it a lot of experimenting and the hair tends to bear the brunt of it. Buns, plaits, color, corn rows, dreads, straightening, curling, moussing – the styles are endless and if proper care is not taken to nourish the hair, it could hurt in the long run. That’s not to say, genetics, lifestyle and age don’t contribute to hair loss. But there are things you can do to remedy it or at least lessen the number of hair you lose in a day. Let’s look at some ways to help with thinning hair.

  • Zinc, protein, iron and vitamin B12 will make your hair shine. Include lean meats, nuts, leafy greens and fish (Tuna, Salmon etc.) in your meals and that silky hair the natural way.

  • Indulge in a head massage once in a while. Use oils like coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil to nourish your hair before a shampoo.

  • Hair dryers, coloring, and ironing makes the hair look salon-ready, but could damage your hair if done too frequently or with substandard products. If you must style your hair everyday, make sure you use good quality products.
  • Rinsing your hair with cold water after a hot shower is a must. Hot water dehydrates your hair. A blast of cold water helps to lock the essential oils in and prevents it from becoming brittle.

  • Consulting with hair loss experts make it easy to identify with the cause, which could be lifestyle, genetic or because of physical health issue like thyroid, hormone imbalance, certain hair care products etc. Doctors through Savin scale can identify the density of hair loss.

  • PCO (polycystic ovary syndrome) is another attack by hormones. If PCO level starts to double then thin hair starts to sprout on the face and body. The hair on head starts to turn thin and brittle. It can also lead to aches, weight gain and ovulation issues. Mostly, thinning hair is its prime indication. A professional dermatologist would be able to give the right treatment to deal with PCO level.