How to fish for the best smartphone deals

How to fish for the best smartphone deals

In the USA, the day after Thanksgiving is called as Black Friday. It marks the unofficial start of the celebrated and looked forward to Christmas shopping season. Black Friday is not a Federal holiday, but in some States like Florida, California and the others, Black Friday is given utmost importance as a holiday. The Black Friday weekend, which starts from the day of Thanksgiving extends to the next Sunday, is amongst the busiest business and shopping periods in the USA.

There are several popular theories concerning the origin of the use of the phrase Black Friday’. Some suggest that it was in connection with the heavy traffic and pedestrian rush that occurred on the streets after the day of Thanksgiving. Some believe that the term was used in connection with the profit in sales for the sellers that is the day they mark in black. Snippet: black is marked for profit and red Is marked for loss.

The phenomenon
Black Friday deals include discounts on furniture, electronics, clothes, souvenirs and gift items, consumer essentials and what not. Electronics, specially cell phones, seem to be a popular category, as many people snap up best smartphone deals and best smartphone plans during this period, saving a lot. Other popular electronic categories include PlayStation, televisions, etc. Seasoned shoppers usually review the Black Friday emails and ads beforehand to see which items are available in stores and which are available online and decide what they wish to pick up in stores and order online. One tip: Remember to take note of the times listed for the items as some of them may be available only during particular time periods.

Even though the customers are assured of offers, surprise gifts, and low price tags, Black Friday is actually an awful day to go for shopping. All the shops will be crowded and mobs of shoppers will jam the retail outlets and shops. Bulldozed by crowds, bushwhacked by the noise and listening to the confusion in the air, shoppers have to face several challenges if they go for shopping on Black Friday. However, these problems could be avoided with the effective combination of cooperation of people and the stores and salespeople.

Not to forget, for the people who are interested in enjoying a day out shopping for or with their family, Black Friday is the ideal day. Thus, they forget the trouble of standing in long lines for hours and the rush for shopping and go home happily in the end.

Black Friday became the busiest shopping day of the year in the USA in 2003 and has maintained that spot throughout all the following years. The only exception was the year 2004 where it came second to the Saturday before Christmas.