How to find the perfect lampshade for your lampshade base

How to find the perfect lampshade for your lampshade base

Struggling to find the perfect lampshade to complement a lamp base? Perhaps you need some help with choosing the right shade style, color and size. It is indeed tricky and that’s why we are here to help you with some highly useful tips that will guarantee an end product which possess the wow factor.

Get the size right
It’s important to choose the right size of lampshade to match your base. Too large and you’ll end up with a rather comical-looking and an unstable lamp. Too small and the overall result just looks silly and slapdash. The right size of lampshade not only serves the purpose at its utility level but also ensures that the styling is appreciated. Both height and width plays a crucial factor at this point.

Height – The lampshade for a table lamp should be approximately three-quarters of the height of the base. Depending on the overall height of your lamp, floor lamps generally suit much larger shades, usually with a base diameter of 18 inches or more. However, if your floor lamp is much smaller or larger than average, you should adjust the height accordingly.

Width – Measure your lamp base from the bottom to the fitting. Your new table lamp lampshade’s width should be roughly equal to this measurement. Choose a shade that’s slightly wider than the actual width of the base on both sides with give a much more balanced look overall.

Balance largeness with some boldness

For a balanced and beautiful look, it’s important to try to match the proportions of both your base and shade. Large lamp bases are eye-catching and are often displayed in pride of place in our homes. To truly accentuate a bold base, try to choose a lampshade in an equally bold yet matching style and size.

Choose the right shape and color

For a truly seamless look, match the shape of your lampshade with the shape of the base. Does it have a square base? Try a square or octagonal shade for best pairing. Does it have curved, shapely base? Then try a rounded dome or oval shade.

Struggling to decide on a color scheme? When deciding on a color or pattern for your lampshade, you should always take the decor of the room where the lamp will be displayed, into account. If your lampshade base is wooden or quite contemporary in style, natural linen shades work well. Ensure not to pair clashing patterns or colors unless that’s exactly your idea