How To Choose The Right Camera Phones

How To Choose The Right Camera Phones

Cell phones have emerged to be a lot more than one would have anticipated a few years back. We all know how dependent our lives are on our cell phones and that spans beyond just making calls and texting. Most of us would agree that apart from the functions mentioned above, one function that we love to take advantage of with our phones is taking photos. In fact, many people now do not simply feel the need of taking a bulky camera to click pictures. All thanks to constantly improving technology, the camera phones are becoming more and more refined and the pictures which are taken through them have amazing quality and resolutions.

Most smartphones today come with two cameras that give you the convenience to click normal photos and the ability to take great selfies. However, the price of a phone determines largely the resolution of the photos that you will be getting with the camera. If you are planning to buy one for yourself or for some loved one, here is a list of the some of the best camera phones in the market that are available in the market.

iPhone X
Without a doubt, the list has to begin with this phone. Although considered to be an extremely pricey phone, the camera and photo quality are amazing. The camera in the iPhone X is slightly different from that in the iPhone 8. The iPhone X gives unbeatable image quality because the rear lens of the phone has a wide aperture. Such a camera helps in capturing photos that are crystal clear and detailed to the core. The front camera has resolution of 7 megapixels, which is impressive, and all the camera lenses on this phone are optically stabilized, which means that all your photos will not only be clear but the shots that you take will be sturdy also.

Google Pixel
The second in the list is the Pixel by Google. No surprises there! There is a single camera at the back that has a resolution of 12MP, which is amazing. It is a smart camera and you can take pretty edgy pictures with a blurred background and clear foreground. The photos taken from this camera are of superior quality because this phone has a camera sub-processor that improves image processing. The sub-processor is known as Pixel Visual Core.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Following the iPhone X and Pixel is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It has two lenses of 12 MP each. One 12MP lens has an aperture of 1.7, while that of the other lens is 2.4. The images taken by both the lenses are optically stabilized, and the camera provides 2X zoom. One of the best features in this camera is that the photos can be taken in various different shots at the same time. You can also control the amount of blurring that you want. It eventually means that each and every photo taken by this camera phone can be customized to a very large extent.

LG V30
It is a phone with which you can capture images in different moods. It comes with a set of filters that give amazing effects to your photos, and the cameras provide great clarity. It also comes with a point zoom feature, which means that any point in a picture can be zoomed unlike conventional cameras that let you zoom in only on the center. There are two cameras at the back, making it convenient to take wide angle shots.

One of the most important point to remember is that before you buy a camera phone, check the aperture of the camera and not just resolution. Even if the phone has two rear cameras, it is not necessary that both of them will have equal performance. Not just the rear camera, you should also pay attention to the camera in front. The aperture of the front camera should be wide so that even the pictures that you take in low light are clear. In addition to photos, you will be definitely be using your camera phone to capture videos. Check the specifications about how many frames can be taken in per second by the phone. These are the basic pointers one should keep in mind when investing in a good camera phone.