How to choose a great designer handbag?

How to choose a great designer handbag?

We’ve always wanted to buy that designer handbag we’ve dreamed about. Whatever your budget, splurging on the right designer handbag can add a touch of glam to your spirit (and handbag collection!)

Whether you’re planning to go for a brand’s signature style or opt for the classic retro of your favorite fashion brand, we have some tips for you. Whatever your budget size may be, read on.

From totes and clutches to messenger bags, here’s our definitive guide towards buying a better designer handbag.

Do your homework: While it’s lovely to go on a shopping spree, doing your homework and stopping for a minute thinking why you want a designer handbag can give you the answers you need. Are you looking for the latest trend or some of the best classics the industry offers? This boils down to personal taste, which is important to every individual. Think about what qualities makes your personality define you. Are you a top-of-the-game fashionista or a lover of the classics with a touch of finesse and royal appeal?

Decide on function: Choosing a beautiful handbag is a good move but the better question is – how often will you use it? If you need a handbag to carry minimal essentials every day for brief periods of time, getting a clutch may be better suited to the task. If you love trotting around on your feet all day long, getting a cross body handbag can be useful. Base your handbag type on how you will be using. How many items will you pour into it? When and where will you use it the most?

Pick your handbag: Now that you’ve decided on your budget and handbag type, it’s finally time to pick one! For tote lovers, you can even get an open tote with magnetic closure. More so important than just buying a handbag on a whim, is actually trying it out and seeing how it feels. Try swinging over the shoulder strap and walking around a bit. Will it fit all your essentials? Check out the handbag inside out and see what fabric and materials it is composed of. A good handbag looks just as good on the inside as it does on the outside. Finally, if you feel comfortable with the handbag and it looks good on, chances are, it’s the right one.