How to choose a gas stove for your kitchen

How to choose a gas stove for your kitchen

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the gas stove is the star of the kitchen. In previous times, people only considered its versatility and functionality, but, today, consumers pay attention to the design and durability. The gas ranges are the centerpiece of any kitchen, as the cook can have the desired flame in preparing lip-smacking dishes and honing with one’s culinary expertise.

Make your notes
The electric top gas ranges with basic colors were all one needed earlier, but in recent times, consumers have been offered more options than ever. The cook top along with the wall has its own appeal; however, the equipment together can cost more. So why not opt for a compact range? Here are a few points to take into account when selecting the gas ranges:

Type: The freestanding gas ranges are the most sought-after cooktops and are effortless to install. Generally, the oven control panel is positioned on the back panel right above the surface of the cooktop. The slide-in gas ranges can offer a custom built-in appearance along with slide-in between the surrounding cabinets. The oven controls are there on the front of the range without any backsplash, which gives a chance to showcase the backsplash.

Size: Most gas ranges have a width of 30 inches, but the professional style ranges can be as wide as 36 inches. But you would not have to compromise on some features. But now, even the standard gas ranges come with huge knobs, stainless steel body, rugged grates, unparalleled style within an affordable price range that would not hurt your pocket.

Capacity: A spacious gas range can be of immense help when you wish to bake or cook something special. The smallest oven can measure somewhere around two cubic feet while the large ones can be nearly about four cubic feet. You should choose a size as per the availability of space in your kitchen and most importantly, your budget.

Review other features
Some features of the gas ranges are meant to save time along with boosting efficiency and convenience. These features include:

Delayed start: This feature allows you to set a particular time for the gas oven, the starting time and the ending time. But this feature may not be quite important for some homemakers, who like to check the dish in-between.

Control lockout: If you wish to disable the oven controls after you finish cooking, then this is the feature for you. You should have it on the rear side of the gas range rather than the front when there are small kids in your house.

Double ovens: When you have two separate areas for cooking so that you can roast turkey in one while preparing pies and clair in the other compartment. You may get the compartments in two different sizes or the same sizes as well.

By considering these few features, you will have a complete idea what to look for, before buying a gas range for your kitchen.