How to buy an electric fireplace

How to buy an electric fireplace

An electric fireplace is nothing but an electric heater that gives you the look of a traditional fireplace. A mirror element rolls and reflects the light from the LED and creates the fire-like effect. Fireplaces, electric or conventional, always create a cozy feeling at home. Usually, the electric ones are easy to operate and have heat regulations. They have an inbuilt thermostat and the temperatures can be controlled using a remote. However, these fireplaces cannot work without power unless you have a generator.

Types of fireplaces
Electric fireplaces are available in traditional, transitional and modern styles so you can pick a fireplace that suits the style of your home. They are easy to install and are inexpensive when compared to the traditional ones.

Fireplace and media console
You can combine the fireplace with the entertainment center, and create one big piece. These fireplaces are cool to touch even when in use, and they do not require any vents. All you have to do is plug in and enjoy the heat. This unit conceals the electronic components.

Fireplace Mantel
These pieces replicate the traditional built-in fireplaces that burn wood. These fireplaces do not require any chimney or vents. You can put these pieces in any room without hassle. You can enjoy the realistic look of wood and flames like with any traditional fireplace.

Wall mounts
Wall mount fireplaces come in glass, stainless steel, gunmetal, chrome, stone and wood finishes. These pieces add elegance and a modern look to your rooms as part of a home decor. They come with an inbuilt thermostat and flammable options like rocks, glass or traditional logs. These fireplaces are made to cover small areas like lofts, condos, apartments or offices.

Electric built-in fireplaces
These are great alternatives to the traditional wood burning fireplaces and gas fireplaces. Since they do not require any vents, these electric units can fit anywhere in the home on an inside wall or on an outside wall, below the grade or above the grade, or in the corner of the room.

Electric Inserts
These are the latest models that can heat your home electrically. They are safe and make your room comfortably warm. You can change your traditional wood or gas fireplace to an electric fireplace instantly with the inserts.

How do they work?
All fireplaces that give heat with electricity work on the same principle. They operate on a 120 Volt standard outlet. They usually work on two different types of heat, infrared quartz or forced fan.
Forced fan is a silent fan that blows over the coils that get heated when plugged in to produce heat.

In the infrared quartz model, the heat is generated through the infrared light which is invisible. The light instead of heating up the air, heats up the things that it touches. This is a great option for people with young kids and pets.

For people who do not have a fireplace already, electric units are good. If you have a traditional wood burning one and want to change it to electrical, you can quickly do it with an electrical insert.