How to apply for a passport

How to apply for a passport

A passport is an important document that authorizes travel and it is a proof of your identification and citizenship. Therefore, you must get it even if you don’t have any travel plans. This article intends to provide you with information on how to apply for a passport.

You need the following for fulfilling your new passport requirements:

  • Proof of US citizenship
  • Passport application forms
  • Identity proof
  • Two current photographs
  • Social security number

Step 1
The first step of the process is to seek relevant government forms either from a post office or the corresponding website. In case you download the form, you are supposed to keep a few instructions in mind:

  • The form should be in black print on white paper, 8.5 x 11 inches paper with no holes or perforations, and it should not have a glossy effect.

Step 2
After getting the form, read the instructions carefully that are mentioned on the first and second page. Based on the instructions and your new passport requirements, fill the form appropriately.

Step 3
You are required to gather proof of your citizenship, which you would be attaching them with the form. It should be the official version of your birth certificate issued by the city, state, or county you were born in.

If you weren’t born in the country, then you will have to prove your identity with your citizenship certificate, a driver’s license, and some other new passport requirements.

Step 4
You should take two passport-sized photos along when you are going to submit your passport application. Read the guidelines carefully about the photographs, as there are certain restrictions regarding fancy clothes, hats, and glasses. Additionally, remember your social security number as it is one of the most important and new passport requirements.

Step 5
Find out the current passport application and execution fees online. The fee differs in amount if you apply to get your passport faster than the usual time.

Step 6
Find the nearest passport office and hand over your application form along with all the documents. After a week of submitting the application, you can start checking your application status online.

Plan your passport application after August, as passport offices experience the heaviest traffic of passport seekers in the month of January to August.