How a trauma can affect your body

How a trauma can affect your body

Trauma can be defined as the general emotional response of our human body, to any negative or terrible event. This is the type of response which can be instantaneous or delayed since different people react in distinct ways to a positive or negative episode, taking into account how their brain has perceived the event. Often traumatic events lead to a person being in shock and denial after the event, unable to reach a viable conclusion.

Damage from any trauma includes physical symptoms like nausea and headaches, due to intermittent flashes of the said traumatic event. Emotional responses of the traumatic event can be quite unpredictable which is why people who have experienced a rather tragic or traumatic event will have difficulty in moving on in life. The flashbacks will cause more stress and mental harm which over time will lead to a number of health complications.

Understanding the difference between physical trauma and emotional trauma is vital. While people may be able to recover from the pain of any physical trauma, it is quite possible that they might have post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. This condition can get severe which will lead to added complications like depression, addiction to certain substances among others.

Psychological trauma is extremely stressful which can be caused due to events that occur without any warning, events which you could not have been prepared to deal with, multiple occurrences of negative events which caused a ripple effect reinforcing the trauma each time. Psychological trauma can be caused due to events which might have left you feeling powerless or out of place or control, all which can fill you with remorse and regrets which are two powerful negative emotions. Whatever the case may be, PTSD is a common symptom which leads to related health problems.

Psychological treatment is considered ideal for treating, which includes admitting into a rehab facility that will take care of both PTSD and any other addictions that might have gotten picked up as result of PTSD. During times like these, it is vital to find yourself in a stable, safe and secure environment to gain control of your life while tackling the associated symptoms of PTSD. Counselling will help solve a number of problems related to any psychological trauma.