Here’s How You Can Save Money Using Oil Change Coupons

Here’s How You Can Save Money Using Oil Change Coupons

Maintenance of a car is necessary to keep it in top running condition. Several important maintenance and repair works need to be carried out periodically. One of these tasks is to get the oil changed at regular intervals.

Opinions differ about the interval between oil changes. Generally, cars using synthetic oils and modern lubricant technologies require an oil change after every 7500 miles or every year. However, most people tend to go for oil changes based on the driving efficiency of the car, and on the recommendation of their trusted auto repair stores.

Irrespective of the interval at which you are changing oil, the process can be an expensive business. If you don’t use oil change coupons, the job, including other inspections and fixes might cost as much as $60 or more.

How oil change coupons work

Most auto stores offer excellent oil change coupons that bring down these costs to almost half the original estimate. This is a great way to save money on oil changes. For example, Firestone Complete Auto Care announces promotional offers on a wide range of car repair services from time to time.

The company’s motto is that every care deserves professional attention at an affordable cost. They offer great coupons as well! Appointments can be fixed online to save time and effort.

You can print these coupons from a number of websites or download them on your smartphone. Most oil change coupons are for a limited period so don’t just print these coupons, but be prompt about using them too!


Some great offers by Firestone Complete Auto Care on printable oil change coupons include getting a flat $15 off on standard oil change, savings of $10 by using a Visa Prepaid card for high mileage or synthetic blend oil, and $15 off on a full synthetic oil change on Visa Prepaid card. is also a great place for oil change coupons. For example, here you can find Midas Auto coupons that provide one Conventional or Synthetic Oil Change at up to 45% off at their operations center in Chicago. Another great offer is paying $22 for a conventional oil change (39.95$ value) and only $52 for a synthetic oil change ($89.95 value).

There are some great oil change coupons available on as well. The site offers printable coupons for auto repair stores like Firestone, Midas, Jiffy Lube, Meineke, and others. You may also check the official website of Quick Lane to get such offers and oil change coupons.

The offers are generally valid for synthetic blend oil change, tire rotation and pressure check, brake inspection, fluid levels, battery and filter check, etc. The change includes only up to five quarts of oil and there are extra fees like taxes, disposal fees, and charges for diesel vehicles. Also, keep in mind that these offers are valid for a limited period and may keep changing. Therefore, it is advisable to check the websites for terms, conditions, and validity of oil change coupons.

Terms and conditions

While getting oil change coupons, be sure to read the fine print. First of all, the promotional period is limited. Consider other factors like mandatory prior appointments, offers subject to availability (basically a first-come-first-serve policy).

If the garage is neck-deep with work, chances are you might have to wait for your turn. Most coupons are good for up to five quarts of oil and a standard filter. Additional payment is required for more oil, use of premium oil, or filters.

Car maintenance usually keeps getting pushed down the priority list because it involves a lot of work, But, it is absolutely worth taking the time out. Remember, when you get oil change coupons, you will also end up getting your car checked by experts. Other maintenance work can also be promptly done.

Using oil change coupons can lower the overall maintenance of the car. So, start using oil change coupons right away!

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