Here’s how jogging improves your mental health

Here’s how jogging improves your mental health

The need to lead the ideal life’ has coaxed people into accepting pressure as a part of their daily lives. Where does this leave them? At the young age of 30, many people are diagnosed with hypertension and other stress-induced disorders. Well, 30 is not the age where you fall prey to such ailments, 30 is the age where you would take some time off and go globetrotting.

If you feel you can’t bear the pressures of life and are suffering from anxiety disorders or plain stress, you need to make amends to your lifestyle. If going to the gym and pumping weights still fail to channelize your anxiety, then you need to think out of the box.’ Researchers have linked being in the midst of nature to a healthy mental state. So, bring your routine outdoors and what better way to start than going jogging?

Jogging is known for its ability to aid weight loss, curbing your chances of a cardiovascular attack, but what remains unacknowledged is that it improves your mental health.

Relieves stress– Your never-ending work or your messy personal life can be a cause of constant stress. Instead of popping anti-depressants or taking up smoking to combat stress, try jogging for a change. Jogging in the serenity that nature provides you with is a therapy in itself. Jogging releases the feel good’ hormone known as endorphins that would immediately make you feel happy and relaxed.

Fights pain– Many times, the pain we experience is not because of an activity, it is because we are inactive. An inactive life is what weakens our muscles and bones and the pain we experience is because we have become dormant. So, a 20 minutes jog might do wonders for your body and the pain would cease.

Reduces aggression– If you are easily annoyed or persistently angry, then you need to channelize your aggression. Instead of paying the counselor for your anger management classes, invest in good shoes and start jogging. Jogging improves your mood and all the pent-up aggression can finally be relieved.

Fights depression and anxiety– Depression and anxiety rot your mental health slowly. If you are caught up in the monotonous daily regime without indulging in any activity that has the feel-good’ factor, you would become more depressed. Instead, go jogging early morning, your body would feel great and slowly your mind too would be on the same plane as your body is.

We pay a great deal of attention to our physical needs and neglect our mental health. The importance of mental health is manifested in the saying- a healthy mind creates a healthy body.’