Here is what you should know about chronic pain?

Here is what you should know about chronic pain?

Are you equally confused by the terms acute pain and chronic pain your doctor frequently uses? Are you sure you are giving the right answer when someone asks you if you have a chronic symptom? Have you ever pondered as to what could be the difference between these two major pain factors? Well, thousands of people around the globe have the exact same thoughts over their mind. Let us clarify it further- A pain which your body undergoes for a short duration is termed as an acute pain syndrome and anything which your body endures for a longer period (more than six months) can be termed as a chronic pain condition. The pain can be mild or severe and can occur at any part of the body due to an underlying condition. Let us have a look at the chronic pain syndrome in detail

About Chronic Pain
Chronic pain can take a physical and mental toll on a person. Often the chronic pain can lead a person to desperation and depression, and he/she might not be in a position to impart their daily activities. The most common sources of pain can branch from the usual headaches, joint pains, pain from an injury, and upper and lower backaches. Other kinds of chronic pain can occur in the areas such as shoulders, pelvis, and neck and can include tendinitis, sinus pain, and pain in certain parts of the body. In many cases, a muscle pull or nerve pain can also develop into a chronic condition. The endurance levels of the person might be tested, and once the threshold is reached, the individual has every chance of falling into depression and helplessness. It can also take an emotional toll on the person and suppress the functions of your immune system.

Symptoms of Chronic Pain
The most common symptoms of chronic pain can include

Mild to severe pain that does not go away for a long duration
Feeling of discomfort or tightening or stiffness of a particular part of the body
Pain that can sometimes be shooting, electrical or burning
Pain that occurs when you do a specific activity (Like bending, stretching etc.)

There can be many causes of chronic pain. Some of them can be:

Poor posture for years
Weak spine growth
Being overweight
Improper lifting of heavy objects
Injury or an accident (trauma)

In some cases, an underlying disease can also be a cause of a chronic condition. For some, the case can be easily diagnosed while for others the reason could not be established that quickly. Your doctor or the physician will perform a battery of tests to identify the exact cause of your physical condition.

There are many treatment variations for the chronic conditions. In some cases, the treatment can cause the conditions to go away completely, while in some cases the treatment is aimed to minimize the pain symptoms and the person might have to endure it for life. The treatment depends on case to case basis and usually involves a combination of drugs/medications and physiotherapy exercises. Do not ignore any pain if it exists for a longer period and consult your doctor immediately if you experience any of the symptoms stated above.