Healthy 100-calorie snacks

Healthy 100-calorie snacks

If you want to lose weight, you need to eat the right kind of food in the right proportion. A packet of baked chips is not healthy for you, even though it says ‘baked’. But four slices from that same packet should be enough to satiate your junk craving. When it comes to eating right, there are a number of things that we need to take care of so that the right kind of nutrition and number of calories go into our system. But, how do you strike a balance here? Well, it’s all about figuring out how you can spread these calories over various nutritional dishes and meals.

Don’t skip meals
Accordingly, there are a number of meal habits and snack recipes that one can try in order to lose weight and remain fit. Weight loss diets and weight loss recipes have always been some of the most searched things. All the best weight loss diets will have plenty of fresh and raw ingredients as well as water and other healthy fluids. Find plenty of recipes that will easy on calories and easy to ingest in the form of at least five short meals throughout the day.

Snack options
Here is a list of some good eating habits that you can indulge in, as well as some 100 calorie snacks that one can easily create as healthy snacks to lose weight.

Pumpkin: This super nutritional food will keep you feeling full and satisfied for a long time even though it does not give you the kind of calories that carbohydrates usually would. You can combine this ingredient with yogurt so that you get a protein-filled kick to start your day and to last you throughout the day. What makes this a great snack is that it is a very healthy way to lose weight. You can make puree out of the pumpkin and combine it with yogurt so that you have a wonderful snack. You can also grate some almonds or add cinnamon powder to this snack. This will make it delicious and power packed as far as nutrition goes.

Cottage Cheese: This is another protein filled, probiotic-fueled ingredient that can help in effective weight loss. You can combine cottage cheese with many others to come up with a snack that will be delicious yet healthy. You can season it with fresh herbs and marinate it with some olive oil to have a yummy snack to complement your weight loss diet. Apart from healthy weight loss, you will also get clear skin and a glow that will be unparalleled. This will be less than 100 calories that make for a healthy snack for weight loss. This is the most healthier cheese variant, when compared to other varieties of cheese.

Chickpeas: You can make a yummy snack out of chickpeas that will be healthy as well. This will be a 100 calorie snack which will give you the right dose of energy even as you indulge in your weight loss diet. You can grind this into hummus for a dip that will complement your boiled vegetable fingers, or you can simply season boiled chickpeas with plenty of chopped tomatoes and onions as well as salt and pepper. Create a layered dish in a mason jar, and take it to work.