Health Hazards of Prolonged Use of Smartphones

Health Hazards of Prolonged Use of Smartphones

Smartphones have become integral parts of our lives. In fact, you now need them to accomplish daily activities like driving, ordering food, entertainment, and shopping. However, all smartphones are a health hazard if not used judiciously.

Think of an activity that you can do without a smartphone, and your effort is likely to come to naught. In fact, a smartphone is now a basic requirement for many of your day-to-day needs. You could have availed these services without a smartphone till some years ago.

To order food, navigate down an unknown road, choose and order merchandise from e-commerce portals or do anything else, you need a smartphone.

While they are extremely useful, all smartphones have an inherent problem: all of them are health hazards if used for prolonged periods of time. This has even been corroborated by scientific studies. Let us go through some of the fallouts of using smartphones for a long time.

Back, neck or hand pain

Studies have shown that using a smartphone for long periods of time can create additional tension on the tendons, tissues, and muscles of your shoulder, neck and upper back. This may even result in a malady known as visual display terminal syndrome.

Scientists have shown that there is a direct correlation between the period of use of smartphones and pain or discomfort in the associated tissues. All smartphones come under this category. The only remedy to this problem is reducing the use of smartphones. However, you can also do some exercises to prevent the tendons and muscles from becoming sore and causing pain.

Headaches, fatigue, and distraction

In another study, it was found that overuse or abuse of smartphones may lead to distraction, fatigue, and headaches. You may also experience eye strain and dryness in the eyes. This is true for all smartphones but happens only when you are using it continuously for a long period of time. So, the only way to bring down the symptoms is to reduce the screen time.

All smartphones are risky for drivers

The effect of overuse of the smartphone is severe on drivers. A study has pointed out that if a driver is using the smartphone while driving, the chances of an accident is very high. In fact, a survey regarding road accidents in 2013 showed that about 27% of all car crash incidents were apparently caused by the use of smartphones.

You can develop text claw

Continuous testing can result in something known as text claw. If it develops, you are likely to experience a feeling of cramping and soreness in your fingers, wrist, and forearm. If you are addicted to texting, this is to apprise you that you can get a speech-to-text feature in Whatsapp on all smartphones. In some of the higher models of smartphones, you have a very good speech-to-text software. You don’t need to type so much.

Digital motion sickness

This is true for all smartphones. You may have had this feeling if you are in the habit of quickly scrolling down the smartphone screen. This is also known as cybersickness. You may also experience this if you watch action videos in smartphones for prolonged periods of time.

Phantom vibrations

This is real, it has been established in a study. However bizarre it may sound, phantom vibrations is a reality. College students are the most vulnerable to this feeling. It appears that your phone has just got a ring and you have just experienced a vibration.

What is significant is that you may experience this when the phone is switched off. All smartphones may give rise to this feeling, irrespective of brand or model.

Food craving

Whatsapp images, Facebook posts, and the plethora of images and videos about food preparations may trigger a food craving. So even if you are not hungry, you may develop a habit to eat more. This may lead to overeating, obesity, diabetes etc.

So stay within your limits and enjoy all smartphone’s benefit—don’t overdo it for your own safety.