Guidelines To Select The Best Leaf Blower

Guidelines To Select The Best Leaf Blower

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year when time when trees shed their leaves and prepare themselves for new beginnings. It could sometimes get difficult to sweep all the fallen leaves and haul away other debris from your yard. However, you can get help with this time-consuming work if you simply make use of a leaf blower. If you are planning to buy one, you must know what constitutes the best leaf blower. Here are some guidelines to help you purchase the most appropriate leaf blower for your yard.

Power source
A leaf blower could be a battery, electric or gas-powered. You need to identify which power source would be the most effective and convenient to use around your garden or yard. Keep in mind that electric-powered blowers would need you to have an extension cord handy as you work in the yard. This can create some restrictions especially if you have a big yard. There are battery-powered options available as well, which are cord-free but need a rechargeable battery to perform. You can also choose to buy a gas-powered leaf blower. It is cordless and requires oil and gas to be mixed in a specific measurement. You can choose to opt for the more convenient fuel mix as well. Gas-powered leaf blowers offer longer run time and more flexibility with additional power.

Yard layout or size
Before deciding on the leaf blower based on their power source, you must measure the size and layout of your yard. Moreover, you need to identify the purpose of a leaf blower in your yard. If you stay in a dense, wooded area, you may need a lot of power and endeavor to clean the area. However, if your lawn is smaller in size then it would require much less effort. If you want to buy a leaf blower to aide your landscape business then you would require a higher-powered, stronger, gas-engine blower. You can choose from options like ECHO PB-250LN or ECHO PB-580.

Handheld vs. backpack
Leaf blowers can be found mainly in two styles, handheld and backpack. The choice would depend on the yard work you are expected to have. A handheld leaf blower would be best suited to small yards since it would not require much power to haul the debris. A handheld blower features curved pipe for optimum control, 1-stroke engine and a top handle for convenience of use. If you need a leaf blower for professional use or cleaning large yards, always go for backpack leaf blower. Backpack models come with different choices like hip-mounted throttle or trigger throttle.

Noise level
Leaf blowers can get really loud when you work with them, which will surely annoy the neighbors as well as your family. In order to ensure that your lawn cleaning chore does not disturb anybody else, you might consider buying a device that makes the least noise possible. Leaf blowers are generally labeled with decibels. Thus, consider the noise factor and compare some of the best leaf blowers keeping the same in mind.

There are many players in the market retailing the best leaf blowers. However, you may not agree with the same or that some blowers may have all the features you are looking for while others do not offer the same. The most popular manufacturers of the best leaf blowers in the market today are BLACK+DECKER, Craftsman, Echo, Stihl, Toro, Weed Eater, and Ego. Thus, it would be better if you take your pick from the popular brands only to enjoy better after sales support and quality performance.

Price range
Standard leaf blowers can range anything between $30 and $ 300. Corded electric blowers generally cost less and are better for a smaller yard. Battery-powered blowers are supposed to cost the most but are the easiest to work with. Gas-powered handheld leaf blowers come in the mid-range category.

Choosing the best leaf blower would not be difficult if you keep the important points to consider in mind when you go shopping.

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